Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1776 May 19Kenderchurch.CHugh Morgan, M.A. Edward, earl of Oxford.  
1783 Nov 11Kenderchurch.CJoseph Davies.Edward, earl of Oxford. Hugh Morgan. Resignation.
1802 Aug 14Kenderchurch.CGeorge Gilbert.Edward, earl of Oxford.Joseph Davies. Death.
1826 Dec 8Kenderchurch.CWilliam Bowen.Edward, earl of Oxford.David Griffiths.Death.
1828 May 3Kenderchurch.CEdward Lutwyche Davies.Himself.William Bowen.Cession.
1861 Apr 11Kenderchurch.CJohn Westropp, B.A.Jane Elizabeth Harlay, lady Langford of Eywood, widow.Edw. Lutwyche Davies. Cession.
1881 Dec 10Kenderchurch.CEdwd. Reade Firmstone, B.A.Robt. Dacre Harley, esq.Charles John Westropp.Resignation.
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