Kings Pyon

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1301 Oct 13King's Pyon. Stephan de Taneto, priest.William de la Gare, canon.  
1310 Feb 6King's Pyon. William de Stretton.Sir Gerard de Eillesford.  
1313 Apr 24King's Pyon. John de Brugge, priest.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1349 Jul 25King's Pyon. John de Weston.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.Robert Brown, of ChabnorExchange.
1351 Oct 3King's Pyon. William de Burghope.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1365 Feb 21King's Pyon (Pewne).VWalter Hurt.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1395 Aug 6King's Pyon.V  John Freen, vicar of King's Pyon.Resignation.
1427 Apr 26King's Pyon. Philip Justise.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.  
1484 Nov 24King's Pyon.VThos. Wysewall.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Richd. Howell.Death.
1505 Jun 23King's Pyon. Hugh Rosse.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.John Ball.Death.
1545 Jul 14King's Pyon. Thomas Teler.The king.Hugh Rosse.Death.
1573 Jan 31King's Pyon. David Smythe.William Tomkyns, arm., and John Partridge, gen.Last incumbent.Death.
1661 Nov 7King's Pyon.VChristopher Hanley. Elizabeth Carver, widow.  
1663 Apr 27King's Pyon.VChristoph. Handley. George Carver, arm,   
1666 Feb 20King's Pyon.VHugo Sontley.George Carver, gen. [2]   
1695 May 27King's Pyon.VNewdigate Steeper, B.A.Mary Carver, widow. Hugh Sontley.Death.
1709 Jun 6King's Pyon.VJohn Woodin.Mary Karvar,widow.Newdigate Steeper.Resignation.
1753 Feb 27King's Pyon.VThomas Evans, M.A.George, lord Carpenter.John Woodin.Death.
1767 May 11King's Pyon.VThos. Evans, B.A.George, earl of TyrConnell.Thomas Evans.Death.
1776 Jun 1King's Pyon. Thomas Kidley, B.A.George, earl of Tyrconnell.Thomas Evans.Resignation.
1820 Jun 2King's Pyon.VThomas Bowen.Samuel Peploe, esq.John Dolphin. Cession.
1825 Dec 2King's Pyon and Birley.VJohn Birch Webb, M.A.Samuel Peploe, esq.Thomas Bowen. Resignation.
1866 Aug 2King's Pyon with Birley.VHanmer Will. Webb Peploe, M.A.John Birch Peploe, clerk, of Garnstone.John Birch Webb. Resignation.
1877 Mar 2King's Pyon with Birley.VGeo. Hermit, B.A.Daniel Peploe Peploe, esq., M.P.Hanmer William Webbe Peploe.Resignation.
1884 Sep 6King's Pyon with Birley. Hen. Auriol Barker, M.A.Daniel Peploe Peploe, esqGeorge Herbert.Resignation.
1898 Dec 1King's Pyon with Birley.VArthur Leigh Lye, B.A.Daniel Hen. Peploe, esq.Henry Auriol Barker, Resignation.
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