Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1285 Oct 6Kingsland. Geoffrey de Balecote.Dame Matilda Mortimer.  
1304 Oct 8Kingsland. William Mortimer, acol.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1328 Nov 23Kingsland. William de Ford, chaplain.Lady Margaret Mortimer.  
1333 Mar 5Kingsland. John Norman.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1341 Mar 8Kingsland.RNicholas de Clebury, rector of Middleton, Cov. and Lich. d. John Normand, rector of Kingsland.Exchange.
1342 Jun 9Kingsland. William de Retford.The Crown.  
1350 Apr 28Kingsland. John de Shipedham, acolyte.Sir Roger de Mortuo Mari, lord of Wigmore.Wm. de Retford. Resignation.
1353 Mar 14Kingsland. William de Pembridge, rector of Kemsing.Sir Roger Mortimer, lord of Wigmore and Trym.John de Shipedham, rector.Exchange.
1366 Dec 19Kingsland. Robt. de Erburgfeld.The king, guardian of heir of Roger, earl of March.  
1383 Nov 2Kingsland. Wm. de Forde, clerk of the household of late earl of March.Exors. of Edmund Mortimer, earl of March, at his request. [3]Wm. Davy.Death.
1384 Apr 7Kingsland. John Piers.Peter de la Mare and Hugh Cheyne, knts.Wm. David (sic).Death.
1384 Jun 7Kingsland.RRoger Nasshe, rector of Ludlow.Peter de la Mare and Hugh Cheyne, knts.John Piers, rector of Kingsland.Exchange.
1388 Dec 30Kingesland (Kyngeslone). William de Ford, chaplain.The bishop, Sir Hugh Cheyne, knt, John Kepestone, and John Peres, clerks.[6]Roger Nassh.Death.
1410 Feb 18Kingsland. Richard Talbot, bach utriusque juris.The king. [1]John Catesby.Death.
1412 Jul 16Kingsland (Kingslane). John Ingayn, rector of Old Radnor.The king.Richard Talbot.Exchange.
1415 Aug 31Kingsland. William Batysford.Edmund earl of March, hac vice.John Lyngeyne. [5]Resignation.
1428 Jul 13Kingsland. Thos. Ledsam, rector of Balsbam, in the diocese of Ely. William Battisford, rector of Kingsland.Exchange.
1429 Jan 24Kingsland. Henry Hanslape, chapl. [1]The Crown.  
1432 Mar 6Kingsland. John Bosam, rector of Middleton in Pykeringlith, in the diocese of York. Henry Hanslape, rector of Kingsland.Exchange.
1444 Aug 10Kingsland. Walter Johan, chapl.Richard, duke of York.John Bosham.Death.
1460 Mar 1Kingsland. Thomas Downe, chapl.The king.Walter Johns.Death.
1489 Apr 2Kingsland (Kyngslane). Wm. Grave, chapl.Cecily, duchess of York, illa vice.Thos. Downe.Death.
1521 Apr 20Kingsland. Mast. Peter Roderic. [8]Katherine, queen of England.John Rede.Death.
1524 Mar 21Kingsland. Thomas Payne, art. mag. [5]Katherine, queen of England.Peter Roderick.Death.
1548 Jun 5Kingsland. Edmund Danyell, M.A.John Chambers. And Geo. Owen, M.D., by concession of the king.Thomas Payne.Resignation.
1579 Mar 1Kingsland. Griffin Lewis, S.T.D. Henry Vernon and Anne Talbot, his wife, d. of John, earl of Shrewsbury.   
1624 Jan 4Kingsland. John Hughes, D.D.   
1627 Jul 5Kingsland. Sylvanus Griffiths.The king.   
1678 Aug 6Kingsland. John Slade, M.A.Littleton Powis and Thomas Powis.Timothy Woodroffe.Death.
1721 Apr 5Kingsland. John Davies, D.D.Robert Price and Edward Winnington Jeffries, arm.John Slade. Death.
1733 Jun 7Kingsland. Hugh Morgan.Bryan Crowther, esq., and Richd. Davies, clerk.John Davies, D.D. Death.
1734 Apr 5Kingsland. Sneyd Davies, B.A.Bryan Crowther,esq., and Richd. Davies, clerk.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1769 Feb 17Kingsland. Richd. Evans, M.A. Himself, as devisee of the will of the said Sneyd Evans.Sneyd Davies. Death.
1794 Feb 6Kingsland. Richard Evans, M.A.Himself.Last incumbent.Cession.
1797 Dec 8Kingsland. Rich. David Evans, M.A.Edw. Lloyd, of Cefn, Co. Denbigh. and Jas. Kinnersley, of Ludlow. esq. Richard Evans.Death.
1821 Nov 13Kingsland. William Evans.Edward Lloyd, esq. [1]Richard Davies. Death.
1841 Apr 28Kingsland. Richard Davies Evan, B.A.Chas. Henry Evans of Hirblas, Anglesea, esq., and Will. Evans, clerk.William Evans. Resignation.
1871 Mar 30Kingsland. William Goss.Will. Hen. Bradley, of Alderley Edge, merchant.Richard Davies Evans. Death.
1876 Feb 8Kingsland. Will. Hen. Bradley, M.A.Will. Hen Bradley, of Alderley Edge, merchant. William Goss. Resignation.
1884 Jul 26Kingsland. Thos. Geo. Baillie.Will Wycliffe Barlow, of Ashford Fulsham, Co. Chester. [1]William Henry Bradley. Cession.
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