Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1304 Jan 20Kinnersley. John de Kinnersley.Hugh de Kinnersley.  
1316 Mar 21Kinnersley. Simon de Kinnersley.John de Kinnersley.  
1321 Jan 25Kinnersley. John de Orleton, deacon.John, lord of Kinnersley  
1322 Oct 26Kinnersley. John de Kinnersley, subdeacon John de Kinnersley.  
1326 Sep 27Kinnersley. Nicholas de Caerwent, acolyte.The bishop. [5]  
1335 Feb 28Kinnersley. Robert le clerk.John de Kinnersley.  
1340 Feb 16Kinnersley. John de Kinnersley, clerk.Yewatr de Kinnersley.Robert le Carpenter.Resignation.
1341 Feb 15Kynardeslegh. Richard de Huntesleye.Zewatre & Matilda de Kynardeslegh.  
1343 Nov 13Kinnersley.RWilliam Grettone, vicar of Clifford, Cov. and Lich. d. William de Baggesore, rector of Kinnersley.Exchange.
1382 Nov 19Kinnersley. William Levyot, chaplain.Kynard de la Bere.  
1421 Jul 2Kinnersley.RThomas Gudde.Sir Richard de Bece.William Levyot.Death.
1428 Nov 4Kinnersley. Philip More, chapl.Sir Rich, de Labere.Thomas Cudde.Resignation.
1440 Nov 23Kinnersley. John ap Richard, chapl.Sir Richd. Delabere.Philip More.Resignation.
1446 Sep 3Kinnersley. John Granger, chapl.Sir Walter Devereux and others, feoffees of Sir Rd. Delabere.John ap Richard.Resignation.
1510 Dec 21Kinnersley. John Love.Sir Richd. Delabere, knt.Rich. Bole.Death.
1529 Jun 2Kinnersley. William Smythe.Michael Lyster, armiger. [2] John Love.Death.
1544 Mar 26Kinnersley. Richard Benson.Mich. Lystar, eq. aur.Wil. Smyth.Death.
1554 Sep 12Kinnersley. William Pike.? Lyster, arm. [1]  
1567 Oct 22Kinnersley. Thomas Carpenter.William Shelley, of Sutton ffrewen.[2]   
1626 Mar 20Kinnersley. John Minor.___ Smallman, arm.   
1671 Aug 21Kinnersley. Randolph White.James Pitts, of Kinnersley, arm.John Wood. Resignation.
1718 Nov 26Kinnersley. Henry Allen, B.C.L. Sir John Morgan, bart.Randolph White.Death.
1767 Oct 18Kinnersley. John Severn, M.A.Price Clutton, esq.Henry Allen. Death.
1771 Oct 7Kinnersley. Ralph Lingen, M.A. James Clutton, esq.John Severn.Death.
1783 Apr 30Kinnersley. Ralph Lingen, M.A. Thos. Clutton, esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1784 Oct 18Kinnersley. John Clutton, B.A.Thomas Clutton, esq.Ralph Lingen.Resignation.
1838 Aug 24Kinnersley. John Eagles.John Altham Graham Clarke, esq., and Mary Elizabeth, his wife.John Clutton. Death.
1842 Jan 27Kinnersley. Leonard Edmund Graham Clarke, B.A.John Altham Graham Clarke, esq., and Mary Elizabeth, his wife, formerly Mary Elizabeth Parkinson. John Eagles.Resignation.
1858 Jun 21Kinnersley. Francis Fenwick Reavely, S.C.L.John Parkinson, esq.Leonard Edmund Graham.Resignation.
1873 Aug 1Kinnersley. Frederick Andrews, B.A.Chas. Henry Bertie, of East Mousley, Co. Surrey esq.Francis Fenwick Reaveley.Resignation.
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