Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1308 Nov 18Knill. John fitz-John de Knill.John de Knill.  
1336 Jul 14Knill. Hugh le Brut.Ralph de Knill.  
1342 Nov 29Knill.RRoger de Carliols, rector of Abergaveny. Hugh le Brett, rector of Knill.Exchange.
1342 Feb 3Knill. Roger de Carlisle.   
1349 May 30Knill. John BaderonMargery, relict of Ralph de Knulle.Hugh de Brut.Death.
1349 Jul 4Knill. Richard de Merchs.Nich. de Knulle. John Baderon.Death.
1349 Aug 25Knill. Philip de Russchok.Nich. de Knulle.  
1349 Mar 19Knill. Hugh le Brut. Ralph de Knull. Roger Cartel.Exchange.
1359 Nov 27Knill. Thomas le Bonde, acolyte.Sir Nicholas de Knulle.Philip Russhok.Resignation.
1367 Jun 10Knill. Philip Sumpter.Ralph de Brokenhorth, lord of Knill.  
1391 Aug 4Knill. Walter Drayton.Rees ap Jenan.  
1391 Sep 10Knill. John Pauntley, vicar of Leinthall, Hereford dioc.Rees ap Jevan and others.Walter Drayton, rector of Knill.Exchange.
1400 Feb 12Knill. David Fyscher, rector of Wentnor. John Paunteley, rector of Knill, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1401 Feb 12Knill. David Fysher.   
1428 Mar 26Knill. Walter Howell, chapl.John Knulle.David Crumhole.Death.
1429 Jul 30Knill. William Tomkyns, vicar of Eardisley. Walter Hewall, rector of Knill.Exchange.
1431 Jul 30Knill. Walter Broun, chapl.John and Alice de Knill.  
1431 Mar 26Knill. Simon Willas, vicar of Dymock. William Tomkins, rector of Knill.Exchange.
1459 Jun 26Knill. John Rogerys, chapl.William Knylle, armiger.Walter Browne.Resignation.
1466 Apr 9Knill. John Bole.Wm. Knylle, lord of Knill.John Rogers.Death.
1466 Jan 31Knill. Geoffrey Glascomb.Wm. Knill, arm. [6b]John Boele.Death.
1477 Aug 8Knill. Maurice ap Rees, clerk.The bishop, by lapse.  
1512 Jul 17Knill. John Cosyn.The bishop, by lapse. [2]John Taylour.Death.
1525 Feb 24Knill. Thomas Gold.The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo. Certo modo.
1555 Feb 13Knill. Hugh Price.John Knill, arm.  
1562 Jul 30Knill. Thomas Meredith.John Knill, arm.   
1616 May 27Knill. Francis Richardes.Katherine Gaines, widow.   
1663 Jan 23Knill. John Watkins.John Walsham, arm.  
1672 Feb 29Knill. David Pilsworth, M.A.John Walsham, jun., arm.John Watkins.Resignation.
1681 Dec 28Knill. Isaac Griffiths, B.A.John Walsham, arm.Daniel Pilsworth. Cession.
1718 Jan 9Knill. Thomas Watkins.John Walsham, arm. Isaiah Griffiths.Death.
1730 Nov 5Knill. Robert Watkins, B.A.John Walsham, arm. Thomas Watkins.Cession.
1766 Aug 20Knill. William Witherston. Elizabeth Walsham, of Knill, widow.Robert Watkins.Death.
1768 Sep 8Knill. Thos. Severn, B.A.Francis Garbett, esq. William Witherstone. Death.
1780 Feb 7Knill. William Whalley, M.A.Francis Garbett, esq.Thomas Severne.Death.
1788 Jul 9Knill. Richard Hodges, LL.B.Francis Garbett, esq.William Whalley.Cession.
1822 Dec 29Knill. John Jenkins.Anna Maria Garbett Walsham, widow.Richard Hodges.Death.
1860 Jul 18Knill. Francis Walsham, M.A.Sir John Walsham, bart.John Jenkins.Death.
1873 Jan 4Knill. Henry Twells Mogridge, B.A.Sir John Jas. Walsham, bart.Francis Walsham.Resignation.
1883 Feb 9Knill. George Hanbury Fielding, M.A.Sir John Walsham, bart.Henry Twells Mogridge.Resignation.
1896 May 13Knill. John Luck.Sir John Walsham, bart.Geo. Hanbury Fielding.Resignation.
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