Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1877 Feb 17Knowbury.CHenry Beroard Derham Marshall, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.John Burleigh James.Resignation.
1877 Aug 31Knowbury.CArthur Marwood Wilcox, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Henry Bernard Derham Marshall.Cession.
1881 Apr 6Knowbury.CGeorge Passand Turner, B.A.Bishop of Worcester.Arthur Marwood Wilcox.Resignation.
1882 Apr 24Knowbury.CFrederick Mackenzie Williams, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.George Passand Tanner.Cession.
1900 Aug 29Knowbury.CGeo. Hen. Cameron, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Fred. Mackenzie Williams.Resignation.
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