Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1413 Jun 25Lancaut. William Glover, chaplain.John, earl marshal, earl of Nottingham, lord of Mowbray, Segrove and Gower.  
1421 Nov 29Lancant.RJohn Swynford, chaplain.John, earl Mowbray.William Glover.Death.
1427 Jun 30Lancant. Walter Loryng.Duke of Norfolk.  
1448 May 22Lancant. John Coterell.John, viscount Beaumont. [2]  
1453 Jul 11Lancant. Richd. ap Thomas, clerk.John, viscount Beamount. [1]  
1474 Mar 23Lancaut. William, abbot of S. Mary's, Flaxley. [2]The bishop, by lapse.  
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