Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1300 Jan 31Ledbury. John de Almaley, priest.(not mentioned).  
1307 Dec 13Ledbury. William de Brere, priest.The portionists of Ledbury.  
1321 Oct 3Ledbury. William Denoth, priest. The bishop, by lapse.   
1323 Nov 25Service of the Blessed Mary at Ledbury. John de Prato de Ledbury. The parishioners.  
1340 Jun 23Ledbury.VJohn de Beverleye.John de St Paul, portioner of the Overhall.  
1340 Dec 15Ledbury. John de la Mimede.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1349 Jul 19Ledbury.VRichd de Cleangre. [1]The bishop, by lapse.John de Beverley, last vicar.Death.
1349 Mar 31Service of the Blessed Mary at Ledbury. John le Baxtere.The parishioners. John de Prato. Death.
1359 Jul 25Ledbury.VWilliam Brut, chaplain.Humphrey and Nicholas de Hethe, portioners.Sir Robert. Death.
1361 Nov 23Ledbury.VHermon de Okene.   
1401 Nov 24Ledbury.VWilliam Caldes.The bishop.  
1402 Mar 16Ledbury.VJohn Clement, chapl.Prebendal portioner of Netherhall.  
1408 Oct 16Ledbury.VRobert Unet, alias Haliday.Richard Talbot, prebendary of Overhall.John Clement.Resignation.
1410 Feb 9Ledbury.VJohn Fishlake, chaplain.Robt. Prees, prebendary of the lower prebend of Ledbury, hac vice.Robert Unet.Resignation.
1442 Aug 22Ledbury.VWilliam Goody, chapl.The bishop (by gift of the portionist of Overhall).John Fishlake. [1]Resignation.
1465 Jun 13Prebend of Lower Hall in Ledbury church.PRobert Geffrey, arcium mag.The bishop.Brother Walter Hunt.Resignation.
1479 Jun 20Ledbury.VRichd. Smythe, in decr. bac.Robt. Geoffrey, and portioner in Ledbury church.Wm. Gody.Death.
1523 Jan 30Preb or portion of Overhall in Ledbury ch.PDavid Walker, in leg. bac.The bishop.William Webbe. Death.
1531 Oct 25Ledbury.VEdward Elton alias Baker, in utroque jure bac.John Elton alias Baker, portioner of Netherhall.Edward Hylle. [2]Death.
1533 Jul 1Ledbury.VWilliam Musmare, art. mag.William Walker, portioner of Overhall in Ledbury.Edward Elton.Death.
1664 Feb 9Ledbury.VJohn Page, M.A.John Pember, portionist of Netherhall.   
1665 Aug 11Ledbury.VThomas Roddinge.Rich. Dickson, D.D., portionist of Overhall.  
1671 Sep 24Ledbury.VBenjamin Gwillim.John Pember, B.D.Thomas Reading.Death.
1672 Sep 3Ledbury.VSamuel Riche, M.A. Richard Dukeson, D.D.Benjamin Gwillim.Death.
1676 May 8Ledbury.VCharles Townshend, M.A.John Pember. [1]Samuel Rich.Cession.
1682 Apr 5Ledbury.VBenjamin Pritchard, M.A.John Tryst, arm.Charles Townsend.Death.
1702 May 7Ledbury.VJohn Walker, M.A.John Clerke, M.A., rector of the Lower Hall.Benjamin Pritchard.Death.
1730 Dec 29Ledbury.VRichard Hallings, B.A.Thomas Bisse, D.D., portionist of Overhall.John Walker. Death.
1768 Oct 12Ledbury.VJohn Collins, LL.B. Hon. Shute Barrington, LL.D., portioner of Netherhall. Richard Hallings.Death.
1797 Apr 27Ledbury.VJohn Kenton Dawson, B.A.Joseph Martin, of Bourton-on-the-Hill, Co. Glos., clerk. portioner of Upper Hall.John Collins. Death.
1801 Aug 7Ledbury.VJohn Montgomery, M.A.Himself, as prebendary or portioner of Netherhall.John Kenton Dawson. Death.
1802 Nov 29Ledbury.VEdward John Herbert, M.A.Joseph Martin, clerk, portionary of the Upper Hall.John Montgomery. Death.
1810 Apr 30Ledbury.VJames Watts, M.A.Himself, as portioner of Nether Hall.Edward John Herbert.Death.
1847 Feb 24Ledbury.VJames Geo. Watts. The bishop.James Watts.Death.
1860 Apr 25Ledbury. John Jackson, M.A.The bishop.James George Watts.Resignation.
1891 Aug 4Ledbury. Chas. Edwd. Maddison Green, M.A.The bishop.John Jackson.Death.
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