Ledbury Portions

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1294 Sep 21Ledbury.PJohn de Swinfield.The bishop.  
1310 Apr 29Ledbury.PNicholas de Rock, priest.The bishop.John de Swinfield.Vacated.
1320 Mar 20Ledbury.SThomas de Orleton, priest. [1]The bishop.John de Aquablanca.Death.
1334 Mar 2Ledbury.PHumphrey de Cherleton.The bishop.  
1350 Jul 28Ledbury.PWilliam de Kelseye.The king.  
1351 Dec 13Ledbury.PMichael de Northburgh, rector of Pulliam. William de Kelsey, portioner of Ledbury.Exchange.
1352 Apr 12Ledbury.PMichael de Northburgh.The bishop.  
1355 Sep 7Ledbury.PThomas de Trillek.The bishop.  
1359 Aug 17Ledbury.PLewis de Cherleton, licentiate in theology.The bishop.Humphrey de Cherleton.Exchange.
1377 Sep 28Ledbury.PJohn de Clone, canon and prebendary of the chapel of S. Mary and the Holy Angels at York. Master Humphrey de Chorltone, canon.Exchange.
1387 Jun 3Ledbury.PNicholas Hethe, clerk.The king, for this turn.  
1390 Aug 24Ledbury.PReginald de Wolstone.The bishop.Nicholas Heth.Death.
1390 Sep 27Ledbury.PJohn Prophet, dean, rector of Worthyn, Hereford dioc.The Crown (in vacancy of See).Reginald de Wolestone, preb. of Ledbury.Exchange.
1390 Oct 28Ledbury.PJohn Prophet.The Crown (in vacancy of See).  
1407 Apr 26Ledbury. Master Richard Talbot.The bishop.  
1415 May 16Ledbury. Robt. Dyke, clerk.The bishop.Richard Talbot.Resignation.
1417 Jun 28Ledbury.PNicholas Lyner, clerk.The bishop.Master David ap Rya. Resignation.
1417 Jul 31Ledbury.PNicholas Lyney, master or warden of S. Katharine's hospital, Ledbury.The bishop.Robert Prees, prebendary or porcionary of the prebend or portion called Netherall, in Ledbury under Malvern. [3]Exchange.
1429 Jan 21Ledbury.PWm. Myddelham.The bishop.Nich. Liney.Death.
1462 Mar 19Ledbury sub Malvern.PJohn ap Richard, chapl.The bishop.Richard Pede.Resignation.
1468 Feb 23Ledbury.PHenry Ferrets.The bishop.John ap Richard.Resignation.
1486 Apr 22Ledbury.PThomas Millynge. [1]The bishop.Master Henry Ferrers.Death.
1515 Jul 28Ledbury. William Webbe, archdeacon of Hereford.The bishop.Wm. Goberd.Resignation on July 27. [7]
1517 Mar 30Ledbury.PJohn Elton alias Baker, in utroque jure bac.The bishop.Henry Hornby, S.T. Prof. [1]Resignation.
1547 Apr 1Ledbury. Hugh Coren, D.C.L. The bishop.David Walker.Death.
1547 Sep 3Ledbury. Richard Skyppe, alias Baker.The bishop.John Olcon.Death.
1556 Dec 24Ledbury. John Cutbert.The bishop.Martin ffayrefat.Deprivation.
1562 Jan 9Ledbury. Edward Cowper.The queen.   
1565 Aug 24Ledbury. Sylvanus Scory, scolaris,Richard Wyllyson. [5]   
1568 May 8Ledbury.PWilliam Penson.The bishop.  
1625 Nov 3Ledbury.PRichard Goulden.The king.  
1677 Jun 2Ledbury. Phioeas Jackson, B.A.The bishop.John Pember.Death.
1678 Sep 24Ledbury. Benjamin Pritchard, M.A.The bishop.William Juxeson. Death.
1681 Dec 7Ledbury. Joseph Harvey, M.A.The bishop.Phineas Jackson. Death.
1682 Feb 28Ledbury. John Clarke, M.A.The bishop.Joseph Harvey. Resignation.
1702 May 4Ledbury. John Benson, M.A.Francis Herbert, arm.Benjamin Pritchard. Death.
1713 Sep 19Ledbury. Thomas Biss, D.D.The bishop.John Benson.Death.
1713 Mar 2Ledbury. Henry Price, M.A.The queen, pro hac vice, ratione vacationis episcopatus.John Clarke,Death.
1731 Jul 30Ledbury. Richard Crosse, LL.D.The bishop.Thomas Bisse, D.D. Death.
1732 Jun 2Ledbury. Daniel Wilson, M.A. The bishop.Richard Cross, LL.D.Death.
1734 Mar 14Ledbury. John Geree, B.D.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1743 Apr 21Ledbury. William Beasley, M.A.The bishop.Last portionist or prebendary.Death.
1743 Nov 12Ledbury. William Vaughan, B.A.The bishop.Last portionist or prebendary.Death.
1761 Sep 12Ledbury.PHon. Shute Barrington, M.A.The bishop.John Geree.Death.
1771 Feb 18Ledbury.PHenry Owen, M.D.The bishop.Shute Barrington.Resignation.
1795 May 14Ledbury.PJoseph Martin, M.A. The bishop.William Vaughan.Death.
1795 Oct 23Ledbury.PJohn Montgomery, M.A.The bishop.Henry Owen.Death.
1802 Sep 18Ledbury. John Watts, M.A.The bishop.John Montgomery.Death.
1828 Jul 30Ledbury. Henry Stonehouse.The bishop.Joseph MartinDeath.
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