Leinthall Earles

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1792 Nov 1Leinthall Earles.CEvan Owen, M.A.David Owen, vicar of Aymestrey. "Void by severance from the parish of Aymestrey".
1832 Mar 17Leinthall Earles.CThos. Taylor Lewis, M.A.James Landon, clerk. Evan Owen.Death.
1833 May 30Leinthall Earles.CAaron Earles Thomas, M.A.James Landon, vicar of Aymestrey.Thomas Taylor Lewis.Resignation.
1844 Apr 8Leinthall Earles.CCharles Dunne.James Laugon, as vicar of Aymestrey.Aaron Thomas. Death.
1877 Jul 9Leinthall Earles.CJohn Samuel Sidebotham, M.A.Himself, as vicar of Aymestrey.Thomas Green.Death.
1879 Jan 3Leinthall Earles.CEdwin Barton, LL.B.John Samuel Sidebotham, as vicar of Aymestrey.John Saml. Sidebotham. Resignation.
1896 Feb 15Leinthall Earles.CJohn Samuel Sidebotham, M.A.Himself, as vicar of Aymestrey.Edwin Barron.Death.
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