Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1292 May 16Leominster. John de Gynes, priest.(not mentioned).  
1306 Jul 1Leominster. John de Honore.Abbot and convent of Reading.  
1368 Oct 17Leominster and Hope.VEdm. de Bache.Abbot and convent of Reading.  
1423 Jan 13Leominster.VJohn Vir, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Reading.Reginald Poole.Death.
1466 Apr 21Leominster.VJohn Scotte, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Reading.Thos. Virre.Death.
1533 Nov 5Leominster.VHenry Dyer, art. mag.Abbot and conv. of Reading.Richard Hall.Death.
1537 Sep 26Leominster.VMiles Geffys.Abbot and conv. of Reading.Master Henry Dear.Resignation.
1556 Aug 3Leominster.VRichard Poll, M.A.Philip and Mary, king and queen.Milo Jeffes.Resignation.
1566 Dec 1Leominster. Thomas Crams.The queen.  
1568 Sep 15Leominster.VJohn Hodges.The queen.   
1663 Feb 5Leominster.VWilliam Whittell.The king.   
1668 Nov 29Leominster.VThomas Wootton.The king.William Whittell.Death.
1679 Aug 17Leominster.VMichael Stephens, M.A.The king.Thomas Wotton.Cession.
1714 Apr 14Leominster.VLauncelot Stephens, B.A.The queen.Robert Rogers.Resignation.
1720 Sep 2Leominster.VWilliam Jervis, B,A. The king.Launcelot Stephens. Death.
1762 Oct 23Leominster.VRichard Vaughan, M.A.The king.Henry Vaughan. Death.
1796 Mar 26Leominster.VFrancis Coleman, B.A.The king.Richard Vaughan.Death.
1819 May 6Leominster.VGeorge Will. Curtis. The king.Francis Coleman.Cession.
1824 Sep 14Leominster.VGeorge Woodhouse. George William Curtis.Cession.
1847 Aug 10Leominster.VGeo. Albert Rogers, M.A.The queen.George Woodhouse.Death.
1851 Jun 13Leominster.VChas. Sweet Escott, B.A.The queen.George Albert Rogers.Resignation.
1853 Apr 13Leominster.VThos. Westmorland. The queen.Charles Sweet Escott. Resignation.
1858 Jan 5Leominster.VGeo. Fyler Townsend.The queen.Thomas Westmorland.Cession.
1862 Jan 18Leominster.VAugustus Gaspard Edwards, M.A.The queen.George Fyler Townsend.Cession.
1896 Oct 26Leominster.VJames Hamilton Charles, M.A.The queen.Augustin Gaspard Edouart.Resignation.
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