Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1301 Oct 19Linton. Nicholas de Preston, subd.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1310 Feb 18Linton. Nicholas de Prestbury, priest.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1349 May 6Linton.VJohn de Leye.The king.  
1349 Sep 15Linton.VReginald Mile.The king (Lyre abbey).  
1349 Feb 24Linton.VWilliam de Amcotes.The king.Wm. de Latton.Death.
1361 Jan 29Linton.VJohn Frensh.Brother Thos. Ozonles, proctor of abbot and convent of Lyre.Reginald Mile.Resignation.
1383 Sep 6Linton.VJohn Whytte.The king.  
1408 Nov 11Linton.VJohn Brese, rector of Whitwell.The king.John Whyte.Exchange.
1409 Sep 25Linton.VReginald Tyler, chaplain.The king.Last vicar.Death.
1410 Mar 16Linton.VWalter Treleweth, vicar of Tidenham.The king.Reginald Teyler.Exchange.
1421 Nov 2Linton.VWalter Trelewyche, vicar of Lulham, Lincoln, diocese.Prior and convent of Jes. de Bethlem de Schene.Thomas Ash, vicar of Linton.Exchange.
1423 Oct 6Linton. Richd. Moore, jun., chapl.Prior of Shene.Thomas Asth.Resignation.
1446 Sep 29Linton.VJohn Smith, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.Richd. Moore.Death.
1488 Mar 5Linton.VRalph Hauyes, in dec. bac.Prior and conv. of Sheen.Thos. Smythe.Death.
1492 Dec 12Linton.VJames Nicholls.Prior and conv. of Sheen.Ralph Hauyes, in dec. bac.Resignation. [1]
1525 May 15Linton.VRobert Philpottis.Prior and conv. of Sheen.William Elsmere.Death.
1555 Aug 1Linton.VRobert Phelpottes.Thomas Sergeante, representing the late convent of Shene.  
1570 Jun 2Linton.VWilliam Scrivener.Will. Rushall, arm.  
1570 Feb 21Linton.VRoger Stephens.The bishop, by lapse.  
1661 Feb 19Linton.VJohn Elmhurst, B.D. The king.  
1663 Jan 6Linton.VThomas Bulkley. [1]Mary Rudhall.  
1703 Mar 8Linton.VChas. Hoskins, M,A. Will. Gwillym and John Evans, arm.Thomas Bulkeley.Death.
1704 Feb 11Linton (cum capella de Lea).VPeter Senhouse, M.A.Herbert Rudhale Westfaling, arm.Charles Hoskins. Death.
1760 Feb 2Linton.VJohn Parker, M.A.John Parker, of Brightmett, esq.Peter Senhouse.Death.
1769 Sep 21Linton.VTheoph. Meredith, M.A.John Parker, of Ascle, Co. Chester, clerk.Last incumbent.Cession.
1775 Nov 21Linton with chapel of Lea.VSamuel Boswell, LL.D.John Parker, of Astle, Co. Chester, clerk.Theoph. Meredith.Death.
1791 Nov 21Linton.VJames Roberts, M.A.John Matthews, of Hereford, esq.Samuel Boswell. Death.
1812 May 21Lipton.VArthur Matthews, M.A.John Matthews, of Belmont, esq.James Roberts.Resignation.
1841 Jan 22Linton.VThomas Chandler Curteis, B.D.St. John's College, Oxford.Arthur Matthews. Death.
1865 Dec 19Linton.VEdward Palin, B.D.St. John's College, Oxford. Thomas Chandler Curteis.Death.
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