Little Hereford

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1421 Jun 23Little Hereford. Thomas Filleson, rector of Upton Cressett. John Campion, rector of Little Hereford.Exchange.
1425 Jul 7Little Hereford. John Castell, Bac. in Law.The bishop.Richard Proctour.Resignation.
1689 Oct 4Little Hereford.VElisba Millechamp.Joseph Harvey, chancellor of Hereford.William Combes.Death.
1745 Jun 12Little Hereford.VJames Davies, B.A.Samuel Croxall, D.D. (in right of his chancellorship of Hereford).John Griffith.Death.
1761 Mar 21Little Hereford.VGuy Hill, M.A.Hen. Egerton, M.A. [2]James Davies.Death.
1768 Feb 20Little Hereford.VJohn Dew, B.A.Henry Egerton. [2]Guy Hill. Resignation.
1770 May 22Little Hereford and Ashford Carbonel.VJohn Clark, B.A.Hen. Egerton, M.A. [1]John Dew. Death.
1774 Mar 18Little Hereford and Ashford Carbonel.VJohn Metcalfe, M.A. Hen. Egerton, M.A., in right of his chancellorship. John Clark.Resignation.
1843 Jun 29Little Hereford and Ashford Carbonell. William Tomkins, M.A.Hugh Hamar Morgan, B.D. [3] Robert Viscount Lord Hereford.Resignation.
1874 Mar 18Little Hereford with Ashford Carbonel. Llewellyn Jones, M.A.Bishop of Worcester. William Tomkins. Death.
1878 May 29Little Hereford with Ashford Carbonell. Augustus William Gurney, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Right Rev. Llewelyn Jones.Resignation.
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