Little Marcle

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Nov 12Little Marcle. Michael de Kendal.The bishop.  
1281 Dec 10Little Marcle. Bartholomew of Gloucester.John de Sellers and John de Harden and his wife Isabella.  
1329 Feb 5Little Marcle. Thos. de Bosebury. Thos. de la Barre.  
1345 Oct 15Little Marcle. John Golafre, clerk.Thomas de la Barre.Thos. de la Mershe.Death.
1349 Dec 21Little Marcle. Richard 0weyn.Thos. de la Barre.Master John Golafre. Death.
1355 Mar 31Little Marcle. Wm. Brown, clerk.Thomas de la Barre.Richd. Oweyn. Death.
1369 Oct 11Little Marcle. William Younghe, clerk.Thomas de la Barre.  
1384 Jan 9Little Marcle. Richard Grene, chaplain.Thos. de la Barre, sen., from Tarrington. Claimed by Thos. Kele to be full.
1467 Feb 21Little Marcle. Thomas Jordane.Sir John Barre, knt.John Rignold. [1]Resignation.
1476 Aug 20Little Marcle. John Elys, chapl.Sir John Beere, knt.Thomas Jordan.Resignation.
1479 Jun 20Little Marcle. Richard Thomys, chapl. [2]Sir John Barre, knt.John Elys.Death.
1482 Nov 28Little Marcle. William Lambe.Sir John Barre, knt.William Thommys.Resignation on Nov. 21.
1488 Jun 19Little Marcle. Thomas Yonge.Roger Bodenham.Walter Reynold.Resignation.
1489 Dec 16Little Marcle. Wm. Gyne, chapl.Roger Bodenham.Thos. Yonge.Death.
1525 Feb 27Little Marcle (Markhill). Hugh Grene.Thos. Bodenham, armiger.William Gryne.Death.
1569 Sep 1Little Marcle. John Bodenham, scolaris.Roger Bodenham, arm.  
1571 May 12Little Marcle. Henry Tanner.Roger Bodnam.  
1580 Oct 10Little Marcle. William Mason.Thom. Bodenham, of Rotherwas, arm.  
1688 Mar 28Little Marcle. Thomas Hanbury, B.A.Sir Thom. Hanbury.Edward Witherstone.Death.
1722 Apr 12Little Marcle. John Hoskyns, MA. Hungerford Hoskyns, bart.Thomas Hanbury.Death.
1766 Jan 26Little Marcle. John Trollope, M.A. Elizabeth Neale, of St. George's, Hanover sq., London. [1]John Hoskyns Abrahall. Death.
1794 Aug 9Little Marcle. Samuel Phillips.The bishop.John Trollope.Death.
1808 Apr 25Little Marcle. Samuel Picart, M.A. The bishop.Samuel Phillips.Death.
1835 Dec 17Little Marcle. John Jones.The bishop.Samuel Picart. Death.
1857 Dec 2Little Marcle. Frederick Wood, B.AThe bishop.John Jones.Death.
1865 Jun 21Little Marcle. David Price, B.A.The bishop.Fredk. Wood.Cession.
1891 Mar 26Little Marcle. Francis Octavius Philpott, M.A.The bishop.David Price.Death.
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