Little Pyon

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 May 31Pyon.PJohn de Shelvinge.The bishop.William de Hay.Death.
1299 Dec 5Pyon.PTh. de Cobham.The bishop.  
1312 Apr 26Pyon Regis. John de Sutton, priest. [5]The bishop.  
1341 Jun 4Pyonia Parva.PJohn de Sheynton.The bishop.  
1345 Oct 22Pyonia.PGriffin de Cherleton, clerk.The bishop.John de Sheynton.Exchange.
1395 Aug 15Pyon Regis.VWilliam Hopton, chapl.Prior and convent of Wormesley.John Freen.Resignation.
1407 Nov 16Pyonia.PJohn Prophete, prebendary of Warham.The bishop.Roger Hore.Exchange.
1408 Sep 22Pyonia.PJohn Bosham, clerk of diocese of Winchester.The bishop.John Prophet.Resignation. [2]
1486 Nov 19Parva Pionia.PRalph Hauyes, in dec. bac.The bishop.  
1511 Jul 17Parva Pionia.PWilliam Delabere.The bishop.Hugh Grene.Resignation.
1512 Dec 11Pyon parva.PJohn Viall.The bishop.Wm. Dalabere.Cession.
1513 Aug 15Pyon Parva.PJohn Kidwely, sac. leg. int.The bishop.John Vyall.Cession.
1514 Feb 8Parva Pionia.PWm. Gobard, arc. bac., treasurer of cathedral.The bishop.John Kidwely.Death.
1516 Jan 3Little Pyon.PDavid Walker, in leg. bac.The bishop.Wm. Goberd.Death.
1522 Mar 1Pyon parva.PWilliam Burghylle, decr. doct.The bishop.David Walker. Vacated.
1523 Nov 27Parva Pyon.PGeorge Mason.The bishop.William Burghille, decr. doct. [2]Exchange with Bartonsham.
1524 May 1Parva Pyon.PJohn Heryng, in leg. bac.The bishop.George Mason. Vacated.
1533 Feb 28Little Pyon.PRobert Bygge, in theol. bac.The bishop.John Heryng. [3]Resignation.
1539 Apr 1Pyon Parva.PRichard Sparche-ford, art. mag.Thomas Cromwell, by the bishop's grant.Robert Bygge.Death.
1560 Jun 28Pyon Parva.PWalter Jones, precentor.The bishop.Richard Sparchford.Death.
1573 May 28Pion parva.PThomas Thorneton.The bishop.   
1685 Apr 12Pion parva.PJames Hathway, M.A.The bishop.  
1695 Jan 25Pion parva.PJames Gwyn, M.A.The bishop.  
1706 Apr 13Pyon parva.PThomas Gwillim, M.A.The bishop.James Gwyn, M.A. Death.
1726 Sep 1Pyon parva.PWilliam Egerton, D.C.L.The bishop.Thomas Gwillim.Death.
1731 Jul 28Pion parva.PJohn Morse, M.A.The bishop.William Egerton, LL.D.Cession.
1733 May 4Pion parva.PThomas Willim, M.A.The bishop.John Morse.Cession.
1750 Oct 13Pyon parva.PPeter Leigh, LL.B.The bishop.Thomas Willim.Death.
1758 Jul 21Pyon parva.PDigby Cotes, M.A.The bishop.Peter Leigh.Death.
1760 May 27Pyon parva.PGibbons Bagnall, B.A.The bishop.Digby Cotes.Resignation.
1767 Aug 1Pyon parva.PJohn Woodcock, M.A.The bishop.Gibbons Bagnall.Resignation.
1769 Jan 16Pyon parva.PWilliam Skinner, M.A.The bishop.John Woodcock.Resignation.
1795 May 25Pyon parva.PRobert Squire, M.A. The bishop.William Skinner.Death.
1800 Dec 30Pyon parva.PFrancis Coke, M.A. The bishop.Robert Squire.Resignation.
1831 May 27Pyon parva.PEdward Grey, D.D. The bishop.Francis Coke.Death.
1832 Jun 1Pyon parva.PJohn Merewether, D.D.The king, in the vacancy of the see.Edw. Grey.Promotion to the bishopric of Hereford.
1850 Oct 12Pyon parva.PArcher Clive, M.A.The bishop.John Merewether, D.D. Death.
1878 Oct 9Pyon parva.PWill. Fredk. Powell, M.A.The bishop.Archer Clive.Death.
1890 Dec 20Pyon parva.PJohn Sutherland Rudd, M.A.The bishop.William Fredk, Powell.Death.
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