Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Nov 25Llanwarne. Hugh de Redcliff.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1275 Dec 22Llanwarne. Hugh de Redcliff, subdeacon.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1308 Oct 27Llanwarne.PRichard de Bosbury, priest.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.Roger de Folebridge.Vacated.
1308 Feb 26Llanwarne.PRoger de Folebridge.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.Hugh de Bristol.Vacated.
1335 Jul 27Llanwarne.PRoger de Pulbrugge. Richd. de Bosbury. Resignation.
1349 Jul 15Llanwarne (Llanwaran). Richd de Trinleye, acolyte.Abbot and convent of Llanthony in Wales.Wm. Rossel.Death.
1350 Jul 23Llanwarne. Philip de Kilfodes.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.Richard Prat.Resignation.
1378 Jun 5Llanwarne. Sir Philip, vicar of Hom Lacy.  Exchange.
1404 Apr 18Llanwarne. William Brooke.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1416 May 11Llanwarne (Llanwaren). William Broke, rector of Huntley.Prior and convent of Llanthony in Wales.William Hert.Exchange.
1432 Jun 6Llanwarne. Maurice Gibbes, chapl.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.John Elmett.Death.
1520 Jan 23Llanwarne. Henry Martyn, in utroque jure bac. [3]Prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.Thomas Weere. Death.
1524 Apr 7Llanwarne. Richard Gwent, in decr. bac.Prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.Henry Martyn. Death.
1524 May 27Llanwarne. John Skydmore.Prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.Richard Gwent. [1]Resignation.
1532 Apr 22Llanwarne. John Johns.Prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.John Skydmore. [5]Resignation.
1576 Mar 27Llanwarne. William Marrett.Thomas Brown, of Harewood.   
1672 Mar 4Llanwarne. William Phillips, B.A.Ed. Jones, gen.Samuel Hulmes.Death.
1676 Mar 20Llanwarne. Edward Morse, B.A. Ed. Jones, gen.William Philipps.Death.
1691 Jan 8Llanwarne. William Wotton, M.A.Penelope Jones, widow, and William Jones, son.Edward Morse. Deprivation.
1703 Jun 22Llanwarne. Edw. Morse, M.A.William Jones, arm.William Wotton. Resignation.
1743 Feb 13Llanwarne. Charles Leigh, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Edward Morse.Death.
1776 Nov 4Llanwarne. John Thomas, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Charles Leigh. Death.
1810 Apr 23Llanwarne. John Higgins.Governors of Guy's Hospital. John Thomas. Death.
1818 Dec 12Llanwarne. Ralph Lockey, M.A. Governors of Guy's Hospital. John Higgins. Death.
1833 Dec 19Llanwarne. Watson Jos. Thornton, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.Ralph Lockey.Death.
1855 Sep 22Llanwarne. Walter Baskerville Mynors, B.A.Peter Rickards Mynors, of Treago, esq.Watson Joseph Thornton.Death.
1896 Mar 27Llanwarne. Harry Walter Baskerville Mynors, B,A.Walter Baskerville Mynors, clerk.Walter Baskerville Mynors.Resignation.
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