Long Stanton

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1322 Jun 16Long Staunton. William de Oldebury, priest. [9]The chapter of Hereford (decanatu vacante).Richard de Chartham.Resignation.
1349 Aug 30Long Staunton.VWm. de Togeford.Dean and chapter of Hereford.  
1357 Dec 8Long Staunton. Richard de la More.Dean and chapter of Hereford.William Girrons, chaplain.Exchange.
1475 Feb 28Long Stanton. Thomas Adyrley. [1]President & chapter of Hereford.Richard Persoons.Resignation.
1478 Aug 18Long Stanton. John Grene.Dean and chapter.  
1518 Jun 29Long Stanton.VRowland Crofte.Dean and chapter. Thomas Austen.Death.
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