Lower Sapey

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1359 Jul 12Nethersapy. Wm. de Herdwyk, chaplain.The king. [5]Walter Reynald.Death.
1365 Feb 11Sapy parva. John le Tylere.Walter Cokesseye. John de Montone.Resignation.
1404 Jan 16Nether Sapey. John Hammond, chaplain.Sir Walter Cokesey, knt.  
1406 Jan 27Lower Sapey (Nethersapey). John Haukys, chaplain.Walter de Cokesay, armiger.John Hammond.Resignation.
1409 Jan 17Lower Sapy. John Eccleshale, chaplain.John Philippes, lord of Cokesey.John Hawkys.Resignation.
1420 Aug 29Sapey Lower. Matthew ap Egu, chaplain.Feoffees of Hugh Coksey. [3]  
1487 Sep 7Lower Sapey. John Brasy, chapl.Sir Thos. Cokesey, knt.  
1490 May 7Lower Sapey. William Butteler, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.John Brace.Resignation.
1491 Jun 7Lower Sapy. John Gesarde.The bishop, by lapse.  
1507 Apr 18Sapey Pichard, alias Nether Sapey. John Corbett.Humphrey Coningsby, serjeant-at-law. [1]John Bracy.Death.
1515 May 12Lower Sapy. George Mason, in art. bac.Humph. Conyngesby, a justice of the king. [5]John Corbet.Resignation.
1525 Jul 28Lower Sapy. Ralph Massy.John Russell, arm. George Mason.Resignation.
1546 Jun 27Lower Sapey. Edmund Hyrkins.John Bussell, of Screynsham, Co. Worc.Ranulf Massye. Death.
1554 Jul 3Sapey Lower (Sapey Pichard). John Potter.James Sutton, pro hac vice.  
1674 Feb 7Lower Sapey, alias Sapie Bowyer. Edwd. Addenbroke. John Nash, Edward Hickman, and Will. Pitchard. John Cliffe.Death.
1692 May 20Lower Sapey. William Price.Edward Adenbrook, gen.Edward Adenbrook.Death.
1702 Sep 17Lower Sapey. Edwin Adenbrook.Margaret Adenbrook, widow.William Price.Cession.
1732 May 5Lower Sapey. Edward Seward, M.A.James Squire, gen.Edward Addenbrook. Death.
1785 Jul 9Lower Sapey. Francis Rufford, M.A.Philip Rufford, of Bredwardine, gent. Edward Seward. Death.
1831 Jul 9Lower Sapey. Will. Squire Rufford, M.A. Francis Rufford, clerk.Francis Rufford.Cession.
1836 Oct 12Lower Sapey. Francis Henry Barber.Ann Rufford, widow, and Philip Rufford.William Squire Rufford. Death.
1846 Nov 2Lower Sapey. William Rufford, B.A.Robert Pedder Buddicome, clerk, principal of St. Bees, Cumberland. [1]Francis Henry Barber. Resignation.
1868 Oct 10Lower Sapey. Richard Nathaniel Kane, M.A.Ann Rufford, of Great Alne, Co. Warwick, widow. [1]William Rufford. Death.
1882 Aug 10Lower Sapey. Charles Uppleby Bower, M.A.Edward Bickerton Evans, esq.Richard Nathaniel Kane. Cession.
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