Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1752 Jun 27Ludford.CEdward Poole, M.A. Job Charlton, of Park, esq.  
1769 Dec 11Ludford.CCharles Bate.John Sinclair, of the Park, Co. Salop, esq.Edward Poole. Resignation.
1770 Dec 12Ludford.CJas.Volant Vashon, M.A.John Kinchant, of Park, Co. Salop, esq.Charles Bate.Resignation.
1811 Jun 18Ludford.CKenneth Mackenzie Reid Tarpley, M.A.Edmund Lechmere Charlton, esq.Francis Kinchant.Resignation.
1825 Oct 20Ludford. John Hind, M.A.Edmund Lechmere Charlton, esq.Cess. of. Kenneth Mackensie Reid Tarpley.Cession.
1838 Jun 7Ludford.CChas. Kent, B.C.L. Edmund Lechmere Charlton.John Hinde.Death.
1886 Mar 9Ludford.VVan Tromp Tyrell Orgill, M.A.John Lechmere Merrick Parkinson, esq.Charles Kent.Death.
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