Lydbury North

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1313 Mar 10Lydbury North. Walter de Osch, deacon.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1432 Dec 23Lydbury North. John Sukeley, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.  
1526 Mar 27Lydbury North.VRichard Davis, in art. bac.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Griffin Taylour.Death.
1551 Nov 4Lydbury North. Reuben Stynton.The king.Richard Davies.Death.
1577 Jan 7Lydbury North. Ed. Home.The queen.   
1624 Oct 4Lydbury North. John Ambler.Charles Moore.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1662 Apr 20Lydbury North.VJohn Reighnolds.Nicholas Trussell. [1]  
1667 Jul 17Lydbury North.VBrian Ambler.The king.   
1686 Sep 28Lydbury North.VJohn Dunn, M.A.William Oakeley, arm.Brian Ambler.Death.
1698 Dec 22Lydbury North.VJohn Ambler, M.A. John Dunne, cleric, M.A., pro hac vice.John Dunne, M.A. Resignation.
1709 Jun 9Lydbury North.VHumfrey Bradshaw, B.C.L.William Plowdon, arm.John Ambler.Death.
1739 Jun 29Lydbury North.VHerbert Oakley, M.A.Humphrey Walcot, jun., esq.Humph. Bradshaw.Death.
1778 Jun 11Lydbury North with chapel of Norbury.VJames Atcherley, M.A.Andrew Griffiths, surgeon of H.M. Guadaloupe.Herbert Oakeley.Death.
1800 Jun 24Lydbury North.VJohn Bright Betton, M.A.John Bright. of Totterton, esq.James Atcherley.Resignation.
1834 May 21Lydbury North.VRichard Ambler, B.A.John Bright, of Totterton, esq.John Bright Betton.Death.
1837 Nov 3Lydbury North.VJohn Bright.Himself.Richard Ambler.Resignation.
1864 Feb 12Lydbury North.VCharles Rolfe.Chas. Conrad Adolphus de Ferrieres, of Bays Hill House, Cheltenham, esq.John Bright. Death.
1878 Aug 15Lydbury North with Norbury.VEdward Augustus Bright, B.A.Chas. Conrad Adolphus de Ferrieres, of Cheltenham, esq.Charles Rolfe.Resignation.
1886 Mar 9Lydbury North with Norbury.VAugustus Field, M.A.Rich. Betion Bright, of Wood Norton, Co. Norfolk, an infant. [1]Edward Augustus Bright.Cession.
1900 May 26Lydbury North.VReg. Dent Stamer, M.A.George Charles, earl of Powis.Augustus Field.Cession.
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