Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 Oct 7Lydham. Roger de la More, acol.Thomas de Montgomery.  
1346 Jan 14Lydham. Gervase de Trefegloys.Sir John de Cherleton, lord of Powys.  
1349 Oct 25Lydham (Lydum). Robt de Lodyngton.John de Cherleton, lord of Powys.  
1379 Nov 16Lydham (Lydom). Walter Buffard, rector of Credenhill.The king, as guardian of the heir of John de Cherletone,lord of Powys.Henry Hoptone (Uptone), parson of Lydham (Lydom).Exchange.
1392 Jan 6Lydham. Roger Bromelowe.John de Charltone.  
1408 Oct 5Lydham (Ledum). John Ingwardyn, chaplain.John Fitzperes.  
1410 Sep 20Lydham (Ledom). Reginald Penyraw, rector of North Cleobury.John Fitz Piers.John Ingwarden.Exchange.
1420 Jul 10Lydham (Lydom). John Ingwardyne.John Fitz Perys.  
1431 May 15Lydham. Maurice ap Jevan. [2]John fitz Mere.John Lugwardyn.Death.
1436 Jul 27Lydham. Maurice ap Jevan, cleric.John Fitzpiers.  
1436 Jan 12Lydham. Thomas Saltwell, chapl.John Fitzpiers.  
1477 Aug 22Lydham (Lydom). John Meredith, chapl.Sir William Stanley, knt. [4]Maurice ap Jevan.Death.
1512 May 13Lydham (Letholm, alias Ledom). Chris. Richardson.John Huddylstone, armiger. [6]John Meredith.Death.
1524 Feb 16Lydham. Roger Walcott. [3]John Huldystone, armiger.Owen Law.Resignation.
1537 Jul 3Lydham (Ledom). Thomas Edwards. Thomas Turnour, clerk, and John Edwards, layman. [3]Roger Walcott. Resignation.
1562 Jul 28Lydham. Griffin Brooke.Executors of Robert Brooke, mil.Last incumbent.Death.
1661 Apr 8Lydham. Brian Ambler.William Oakley, arm.  
1686 Sep 29Lydham. Simon Edwards, M.A.William Oakeley, arm.Brian Ambler.Death.
1689 Jan 3Lydham. Peter Newton, B.A. William Oakley, arm. Simon Edwards.Death.
1710 Apr 12Lydham. Edw. Rogers.Richard Oakley, arm. Peter Newton. Death.
1727 Dec 14Lydham. John Beeston, M.A.Richard Oakley, arm. Edward Rogers.Cession.
1741 May 9Lydham. Herbert Oakeley, M.A.Richd. Oakeley, esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1778 Aug 10Lydham. Herbert Oakeley, M.A.John Oakeley, esq.Herbert Oakeley. Death.
1812 Mar 5Lydham. Herbert Oakeley, M.A.Himself.Herbert Oakeley.Death.
1830 Mar 24Lydham. Edward Sherington Davenport, M.A.William Oakley, esq.Herbert Oakley.Death.
1842 Sep 19Lydham. Robert More White. William Oakley esq.Edm. Sherrington Davenport.Death.
1843 Sep 26Lydham. Arthur Oakeley, M.A.William Oakeley, esq.Robert More White.Resignation.
1870 May 12Lydham. Frederick Septimus Green, B.A.Henry Oakeley, esq.Arthur Oakeley.Death.
1891 Jul 29Lydham. Thomas Thomas Lucius Morgan.John Oakeley, esq.Fredk. Septimus Green.Death.
1893 Sep 13Lydham. Edw. Colls Gatherrole, M.A.John Oakeley, esq.Thomas Thomas Lucius Morgan. Resignation.
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