Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1318 Mar 18Madeley (Madley). William [Russell] de Fownhope.The bishop, by lapse.   
1322 Sep 28Madeley (Madley). James de Tifford, priest.Abbot and convent of Wenlock.  
1346 Dec 5Madeley (Madley). John atte Oke, of Abbot's Bromley.The king (Wenlock priory). [1] Exchange.
1350 Aug 8Madeley (Madley). Wm. de Lyndon.The king (Wenlock priory).  
1393 Aug 20Madeley.VThomas Redehode.The Crown (Wenlock priory).Wm. de Lyndos.Resignation.
1404 Apr 8Madeley. Richd. Leyghtfeld, chapl.Prior and convent of Wenlock.  
1539 Jan 13Madeley.VWilliam Buckenall. Arthur Buckenall and Wm. Loagley.[4] Wm. Warham.Death.
1569 Jan 20Madeley.VThomas Law.John Brooke, arm.  
1672 Jun 5Madeley.VBenjamin Taylor.Basil Fitz-Herbert, of Norbury, arm.,and John Purcell, of Madeley, gen.Michael Richards.Death.
1706 Apr 10Madeley.VRichard Cooper.? BrookeBenjamin Taylor.Death.
1709 Sep 26Madeley.VJeremiah Taylor, M.A.Margaret Taylor, widow.Richard Cooper.Death.
1728 Jun 1Madeley.VJohn Walker D.D.John Kynaston, arm.Jeremy Taylor. Death.
1741 Jan 1Madeley.VJohn Jandrell, M.A.Edw. Kynaston, esqLast incumbent.Resignation.
1753 Mar 19Madeley.VRowland Chambre, B.A.Edward Kynaston, of Hardwick, esq. John Jandrell.Death.
1756 Mar 16Madeley.VRowland Chambre, M.A.Edward Kynaston, of Hardwich, esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1760 Oct 7Madeley.VJohn Fletcher.Edward Kynaston, of Hardwick, esq.Rowland Chambre.Cession.
1785 Aug 22Madeley.VEdward Kynaston, B.A.Roger Kynaston, of Hardwick, esq.John Fletcher.Death.
1786 Jun 26Madeley.VHenry Burton, B.A. Roger Kynaston, esq. Edward Kynaston.Resignation.
1831 Apr 4Madeley.VGeorge Edwards.Edwd. Edmonds, of Dublin. esq.Henry Burton.Death.
1841 Dec 8Madeley.VJames Henry Alex. Gwyther, M.A.Sir Richd. Bulkeley Phillips Phillips, bart.George Edmonds. Cession.
1859 Mar 3Madeley.VGeo. Edward Tate, M.A.John Bartlett, of Marnwood, clerk.James Henry Philipps.Cession.
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