Meole Brace

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Apr 13Meole Brace.VAdam de Berecroft.   
1277 Oct 6Meole Brace.VAdam de Leintwardine.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1284 Jun 9Meole Brace. Adam de Sutton, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1301 Feb 16Meole Brace. Gilbert de Humbre, priest.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1320 Sep 11Meole Brace. Walter de Bokenhall, priest. Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1321 Jan 22Meole Brace. John de Kynton, priest.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1349 Aug 7Meole Brace (Bracy). John de Ellesmere. Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1360 Mar 2Meole Brace.VJohn Porter, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Wm. de Ermynchope.Death.
1361 Mar 23Meole Brace (Bracy).VThos Everard.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Sir John Piers.Resignation.
1405 Jun 31Meole Brace.VJohn Montgomery, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1422 Feb 6Meole Brace.VWm. Phelyppor, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.John Montegomery.Resignation.
1427 Oct 16Meolbrace. John Entnour.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Richard Werthyn.Resignation.
1429 Mar 17Meol Bracy. William Phelyppes, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.John Entnour.Resignation.
1442 Nov 9Meole Brace.VWilliam Chelve, chapl. [3]Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.William Chyld.Resignation.
1460 May 2Meole Brace (Bracy).VWilliam Sher, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.William Phileppes.Resignation.
1460 Dec 31Meole Brace.VJohn Clone, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.William Shery.Resignation.
1475 Sep 9Meole Brace. Owen ap Griffith. [8]Thos. Leominstre, abbot, and the conv. of Wigmore.John Glovere.Deprivation.
1515 Feb 30Meole Brace.VRobert Sherar.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Owen Griffith. [1]Resignation.
1571 Dec 3Meole Brace. "quidam ... Sherar."(not mentioned).  
1661 Oct 28Meole Brace.VRichard Warter.Cecilia, widow of Francis Edwards, baronett.  
1679 Mar 31Meole Brace.VJohn Lowe, B.A.Sir Francis Edwards, bart.Richard Walter.Death.
1680 Nov 9Meole Brace.VJonathan Edwards, M.A.Sir Francis Edwards, bart.John Low.Resignation.
1705 Aug 8Meole Brace.VRichard Cock.Robert Harvey, arm.Jonathan Edwards.Death.
1710 Mar 6Meole Brace.VJohn Cotton, M.A.Robt Harvey, arm., guardian of Sir Francis Edwards, bart.Richard Cock. Death.
1720 Jul 27Meole Brace.VJohn Cotton, M.A.Sir Francis Edwards, bart.The same John Cotton. Cession.
1758 Jan 27Meole Brace.VJohn Allen, M.A.George Cholmondley, viscount Malpas.John Cotton.Death.
1778 Apr 1Meole Brace.VJohn Bather.John Bather, gent.John Allen.Death.
1796 Dec 27Meole Brace.VHenry Cay Adams, M.A.Martha Hannah Bather, of Shrewsbury, widow.John Bather. Death.
1804 Jun 20Meole Brace.VEdward Bather.Martha Hannah Bather, of Shrewsbury, widow.Henry Cay Adams.Resignation.
1847 Nov 13Meole Brace.VEdward Bather, M.A.Himself.Edward Bather.Death.
1851 Jul 3Meole Brace.VThomas Bucknall Lloyd, M.A.John Bather, of the Day House, esq.Edward Bather.Death.
1854 Nov 28Meole Brace.VJames Bell, M.A.John Bather, of the Day House, esq.Thomas Bucknall Lloyd. Cession.
1858 Jan 7Meole Brace.VHen. Francis Bather, B.A.John Bather, of the Day House, esq.James Bell. Resignation.
1897 Oct 28Meole Brace. Will. Hen. Bather, M.A.Trustees under the will of John Bather. esq.Henry. Francis Bather. Resignation.
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