Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 Jan 25Minsterworth. Alan de Kent, deacon.The Crown.  
1312 Jan 28Minsterworth. Richard de Ayremine.The Crown. [10]  
1315 Aug 18Minsterworth. John de Newland, acol.The Crown.  
1329 Apr 15Minsterworth. Wm. de Brauncewall, deacon.The king.  
1338 May 33Minsterworth. Eustache Hathewy.The Crown.  
1349 May 6Minsterworth. Thomas de Bentham. The king.  
1361 Nov 8Minsterworth. John Herdemon.The king.  
1402 Feb 16Minsterworth. John Calihulle.Prior and convent of S. Oswald, Glouc.  
1417 Oct 23Minsterworth. William Cadoe, chaplain.Prior and conv of S. Oswald's, Gloucester.John Calverhulle. Death.
1418 Dec 11Minsterworth.VJohn Wotton,Prior and convent of S. Oswald, Gloucester. Creation of the vicarage.
1423 Nov 15Minsterworth.VWilliam Dyryng, chapl.Prior of S. Oswald, Gloucester.John Wotton. [2]Resignation.
1432 Jun 23Minsterworth. John Byrd, chapl.Sub-prior and conv. of S. Oswald, Glouc.Wm. Dyryng.Death.
1435 Jan 14Minsterworth.VWm.Wode, chapl.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald, Glouc.John Ryner.Resignation.
1440 Mar 1Minsterworth. Thomas Newmon, chapl.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald, Glouc.Promotion of Wm. Wood.Promotion.
1464 Feb 7Minsterworth.VPhilip Hogges, chapl.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald, Glouc. [3]Thos. Gyles.Death.
1476 Sep 20Minsterworth.VJohn Faster.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald's, Gloucester.Philip Hoges.Resignation.
1482 Sep 18Minsterworth.VWm. Rugge, chapl.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald's, Glouc.?Death.
1484 Aug 7Minsterworth.VMaster Rowland Caple, chapl.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald's, Glouc.John Huntley.Death.
1486 Feb 27Minsterworth.VWm. Jones, chapl. [7]   
1487 Nov 27Minsterworth.VRichard Capull, in dec. bac.Thomas, archbishop of York. [3]William Jonis.Resignation.
1523 Oct 26Minsterworth. Robert Welshe.Priory and conv. of S. Oswald's, Gloucester.William Hartelond alias Porter.Death.
1529 Jan 28Minsterworth.VFrancis Penrese, vic. of Churchill.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald's, Gloucester.Robert Welshe.Exchange.
1530 Jan 31Minsterworth.VJohn Whitney.Prior and conv. of S. Oswald's, Gloucester.Francis Penrice. Resignation.
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