Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1300 Jun 30Moccas. David de Clifford, priest.The bishop.  
1306 Nov 3Moccas. Richard de Bockleton, acol.Sir John de Frene.  
1322 Jan 18Moccas. Hugh de Monnynton, priest. John de Frene.  
1336 Nov 11Moccas. John Peyntour.Sir John de Frome.  
1369 Sep 17Moccas. John Watiers, chaplain.Roger Criketot and Stephen Lugwardyn.  
1379 Aug 10Moccas. Richard Knyth, r. of Thawe (Llandaff dioc.).Sir John Joce, lord of Moccas. Exchange.
1391 Nov 13Moccas.RThomas Bristowe, of S. Martin's royal chapel, London.Henry Catchpoll.John Tamworthe, rector of Moccas.Exchange.
1392 Sep 17Moccas (Mokkas). John Knyhton, vicar of Wykewone, Worcester dioc.Henry Cachepole.Thomas Bristowe, rector of Moccas.Exchange.
1396 Feb 18Moccas. John Whyte, chapl.Elizabeth Pembridge.  
1485 Mar 20Moccas. Thomas Gerald.Henry Skudmore.Walter Russell.Death.
1545 Jun 19Moccas. Thomas Traunter.Elenor ap Harry, generosa.Rich Pope. Death.
1575 Jan 28Moccas. Lewis Rogers.Walter Vaughan. of Bredwardine, and Johanna, his wife.   
1617 May 15Moccas. Henry Rogers, M.A.___ [2]  
1671 Oct 17Moccas. Thomas Dennis, M.A.Ed. Cornwall,John Tayler.Death.
1673 Apr 26Moccas. Thomas Prosser, B.A.Ed. Cornwall, arm.Thomas Dennis.Death.
1685 Jul 30Moccas. William Frampton, M.A.Edward Cornwall, arm.Thomas Prosser.Death.
1691 Apr 16Moccas. William Harris.Edward Cornwall, arm., and Francisca, his wife.William Frampton. Resignation.
1731 Feb 26Moccas. William Bradford, M. A,Velters Cornwall, arm.William Harris.Death.
1744 Oct 4Moccas. William Felton, B.A.Velters Cornwall, esq,Last incumbent.Death.
1770 Jan 8Moccas. Ralph Cope Hopton, LL.B.Catherine Cornwall, spinster.William Felton.Death.
1797 Aug 18Moccas. Job Walker Baugh, M.A.Sir Geoge Cornewall.Ralph Cope Hopton.Death.
1813 Apr 23Moccas. Hugh Hanmer Morgan, M.A.Sir Geo. Cornewall, bart.Job Walker.Cession.
1858 Jun 19Moccas. Geo. Henry Cornewall, B.A.Sir Velters Cornewall, bart.Hugh Hanmer Morgan.Resignation.
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