Monk Hopton

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1759 Aug 4Monk Hopton.CJohn Atwood, B.A.Sir Robert Lawley of Canwell, bart.William Parsons.Death.
1810 Jun 26Monk Hopton.CThomas Dennison Tinklar, B.A.Sir Robert Lawley, bart.Richd. Smith.Cession.
1820 May 23Monk Hopton.VEdward Tellett.Sir Robert Lawley,Thos. Dennison Tinkler.Death.
1841 Jun 15Monk Hopton.CRobt. Will. Dayrell, M.ASir Francis Lawley, bart.Edward Tellett.Death.
1869 Sep 11Monk Hopton.VJohn Gibson, M.A.Beilby Richard, lord Wenlock.Robert William Dayrell.Resignation.
1877 Jul 1Monk Hopton.VSamuel Boot.Beilby Richard, lord Wenlock.John Gibson.Resignation.
1884 Jul 5Monk Hopton.VSamuel Gracie Hayward.Richard Thompson Lawley. Samuel Boot.Resignation.
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