Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1289 Feb 8Monkton (i.e. Monkland). William de la Ford, deacon.Abbot and convent of Conches.  
1308 Oct 4Monkland. Richard de Vico in Albano.Abbot and convent of Conches.  
1342 Oct 3Monkland.VRichd. fitz Richard de Pembridge.   
1349 Sep 1Monkland.VWalter de Monklone.The king (Conches abbey).  
1363 Dec 15Monkland.VPeter de Loverseye.   
1364 Mar 23Monkland.VRobt. de Wykewane, chaplain.Brother Michael de Scheneye, general proctor of Conches.Peter de Loverseye.Resignation.
1367 Oct 10Monkland.VWilliam de Pertone.Brother Michael Thayne, general proctor of the abbot of Conches.Rupert Wykewane.Exchange.
1387 Apr 3Monkland.VAlexander Clerkes, chaplain.The king (Conches Abbey).Thomas Bernard.Resignation.
1387 Dec 3Monkland.VThos. Bernard, chaplain.The king (priory of Monkland).Alex. Clerkes.Resignation.
1396 May 8Monkland.VHugh de Pontesbury, rector of Herforton, Worcester dioc.The Crown.Thomas Bernard, vicar of Monkland.Exchange.
1405 Aug 26Monkland. Richard Baker, chaplain, rector of Hampton Bishop.The king.Hugh Pontesbury.Exchange.
1405 Sep 7Monkland (Monkelane). Richard Bakere, rector of Hampton Bishop.The king.Hugh de Pontesbury.Exchange.
1411 Jun 21Monkland (Monkelone). Adam Skelton, chaplain.Joan, queen of England, hac vice.Richd. Baker.Death.
1413 Aug 4Monkland.VWilliam Potter, vicar of Glen Magna.The king.Adam Skelton.Exchange.
1417 Apr 24Monkland.VJohn Chyrch, rector of the collegiate church of Westbury.The king.William Potter, vicar of Monkland.Exchange.
1431 Mar 23Monkland.VWalter Harold, rector of Gladestry, in the diocese of S. David's. John Churche, vicar of Monkland.Exchange.
1433 Oct 1Monkland.VHugh Taverner.Roland Leinthale.  
1436 Apr 14Monkland.VThos. Seys, chapl.Sir Roland Leinthall.Hugh Taverner.Death.
1438 Mar 9Monkland.VGeoffrey Glasse, chapl.Sir Roland Leinthale.Thomas Seys.Resignation.
1483 Sep 3Monkland (Monklone). Richd. Glowcestre.Richard Lentall.Master John Greneway.Resignation on Aug. 18.
1524 May 28Monkland (Monkelane). Richard Benson.Sir Thos. Cornewalle, knt.Richard Page.Death.
1528 Jun 5Monkland. Simon Todde, art. mag. [8]The king.  
1531 Apr 21Monkland. Rich. Kynnerdesley, in decr. bac.Sir Thos. Comewalle, knt , baron Burford.Richard Benson.Resignation.
1532 Jan 19Monkland. John Dyrant.Sir Thos. Cornewaylle, knt.Richard Kinnersley.Death.
1538 Mar 1Monkland.VJohn Browne.Dean and chapter of the royal chapel at Windsor.Master Simon Todde.Resignation.
1546 Apr 14Monkland. John Bylthe.The dean and chapter of Windsor.John Browne. Resignation.
1556 May 6Monkland.VJohn Busbe.The dean and canons of Windsor.  
1690 May 27Monkland.VJames Bedford.The dean and canons of Windsor.William Bedford. Death.
1729 Jul 5Monkland.VRichard Hudson, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.William Bedford.Death.
1754 Sep 19Monkland.VSamuel Ford, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.Richard Hudson.Death.
1780 May 30Monkland.VJohn Thomas.The dean and canons of Windsor.Samuel Ford.Resignation.
1808 Jun 13Monkland.VJellinger Symons, jun., M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.John Thomas.Death.
1833 May 2Monkland.VJelinger Symons, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.Jelinger Symons.Cession.
1851 Aug 21Monkland.VHenry Williams Baker, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.Jelinger Symonds. Death.
1877 Jul 8Monkland.VWilliam Henry Barnard, M.A.The dean and canons of Windsor.Sir Henry Williams Baker, bart. Death.
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