Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1288 Oct 22Monmouth. Richard de Stretton.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1299 Jan 23Monmouth. John Hood, priest.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1307 Mar 9Monmouth. Roger de Carlyun, priest.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1324 May 18Monmouth. John de Horwood, priest.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1349 Jul 26Monmouth.VNicholas de Laumorham.The king (Monmouth priory).  
1350 May 3Monmouth.VJohn de Leycestre.The king (Monmouth priory). [4]  
1379 Nov 13Monmouth.VJohn de Cresseny, Llandaff dioc.The king (Monmouth priory).Richard Balle.Resignation.
1383 Oct 17Monmouth.VHenry Neweman, rector of the chapel of Compton Abbas.The king (Monmouth priory).John de Cresseny, vicar of Monmouth.Exchange.
1390 Nov 23Monmouth.VDavid Howell, vicar of Schulton, Lincoln dioc.The Crown (Monmouth priory).Henry Newman, vicar of Monmouth.Exchange.
1408 May 26Monmouth.VPhilip Dygery, chaplain.Prior and convent of Monmouth.John Ferour.Death.
1421 Nov 30Monmouth.VJohn Benyngtone,Prior and convent of Monmouth.Philip Diggre.Death.
1422 Feb 21Monmouth.VJohn de Benytone, rector of Troy, Llandaff diocese.Prior and convent of Monmouth.Walter Faber, vicar of Monmouth.Exchange.
1445 Jul 27Monmouth.VJohn Drover, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.Walter Baker.Resignation.
1505 Dec 12Monmouth.VJohn Streynsham, in dec. bac.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.Edw. Jenyns.Death.
1524 Nov 4Monmouth priory. Richard Evesham, monk of Evesham.The king, as duke of Lancaster.Richard Burton, the last prior. [2]Resignation.
1533 Jun 23Monmouth.VLawrence ap Harry. Prior and conv. Monmouth.John Solas.Resignation.
1533 Dec 18Monmouth.VJohn Wynstone.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.Lawrence ap Harry.Renunciation.
1533 Feb 11Monmouth.VJohn Solas, in leg. bac.John Olyver, leg. doc., by the prior and conv. of Monmouth.John Streynsham.Death.
1545 Apr 30Monmouth. Thomas Hopkyns, B.A.John Scudamore, arm.John WynstonDeath.
1547 Mar 8Monmouth. William Hyndley.The king.Thomas Hopkyns.Resignation.
1563 Sep 14Monmouth.VJohn Williams.The queen.   
1576 Jan 5Monmouth.VJames Powell.The queen.   
1619 Jul 3Monmouth with the chapel of St. Thomas ultra pontem.VRobert Brabourne.The king.   
1663 Sep 29Monmouth.VCharles Godwin.Henry, lord Herbert.   
1677 Feb 1Monmouth.VHerbert Pye, M.A.James Williams, gen. Charles Godwyn.Death.
1715 Jul 7Monmouth.VHerbert Pye, M.A.Duke of Beaufort.Herbert Pye himself.Resignation.
1726 Jul 28Monmouth.VJohn Ollard, B.A.James Bertie and Dodington Grevile, guardians of Henry, duke of Beaufort, a minor.Herbert Pye. Death.
1732 Aug 5Monmouth.VMorgan Bullock, B.A.James, duke of Beaufort.Last incumbent.Death.
1761 Aug 16Monmouth.VRichard Bellamy, M.A.George Henry, earl of Lichfield, and Norborne Berkeley, esq.Morgan Bullock. Resignation.
1770 Jun 21Monmouth.VRichard Bellamy, M.A.Henry, duke of Beaufort.Last incumbent.Cession.
1772 Jul 9Monmouth.VJohn Davis, D.D.Henry, duke of Beaufort.Richard Bellamy.Death.
1798 Jul 4Monmouth.VDuncombe Pryke Davis, M.A.Henry, duke of Beaufort.John Davis, D.D.Death.
1815 Sep 15Monmouth.VThomas Prosser, M.A.Hen. Chas. Somerset, duke of Beaufort.Duncumb Pryke Davis.Death.
1822 Feb 16Monmouth.VHenry Barnes, B.A. Chas. Somerset, duke of Beaufort.Thomas Prosser.Resignation.
1837 Oct 7Monmouth.VGeorge Roberts, B.A.Hen. Somerset, duke of Beaufort.Henry Barnes.Death.
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