Moreton Magna

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1407 Nov 8Moreton Magna.PThomas Felde, prebendary of Warham.The bishop.John Prophete.Exchange.
1415 Apr 23Moreton Magna.PThomas Waltone, in legibus bac.The bishop.Thomas Feelde.Resignation.
1438 Jan 21Moreton Magna.PMaurice Wyntner, rector of Cottenham, in the diocese of Ely.The bishop.Thomas Walton, canon and prebendary of Moreton Magna and rector of Barton in the Cley, in the diocese of Lincoln.Exchange.
1443 May 31Moretone major.PRichard Hoore.The bishop.  
1458 Nov 25Moreton Magna.PRichd. Pede, doct. deretorum.The bishop.  
1478 Jul 23Moreton Magna.PRichard Marty, archdeacon of Hereford, prebendary of Huntington.The bishop.Richard Pede, dean of Hereford, and prebendary of Moreton Magna.Exchange.
1512 Oct 22Morton Magna.PWm. Webbe, archd. of Hereford.The bishop.Master John Foster.Death.
1523 Jan 29Morton Magna.PHumphrey Ogle, in dec. bac.The bishop.William Webbe. Death.
1537 Jul 23Moreton Magna.PThomas Solemont, clerk.The bishop.Master Humph. Ogle.Resignation.
1541 Jul 26Moreton Magna.PRich. Thurketyll, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Colemont.Death.
1561 Apr 17Moreton magna.PHenry Harford, scolaris.The bishop.   
1565 Nov 4Moreton magna.PPhilip Sydney, scolaris.The bishop.  
1576 Feb 16Moreton magna.PGriffin Lewis.The bishop.   
1675 Jun 29Moreton major.PJohn Boraston.The bishop.John Coke. Death.
1679 Apr 21Moreton magna.PThomas Martin, M.A.The bishop.William Sherborne, D.D.Death.
1684 Aug 27Moreton (on Lugg) (Mourton magna). Roger Powell.Thomas Powell, gen.Richard Walker. Death.
1706 Sep 30Moreton magna.PPatrick Gordon, B.D.The bishop.Thomas Burraston, M.A.Death.
1730 May 1Moreton magna.PSamuel Croxall, D.D.The bishop.Patrick Gordon.Death.
1752 Feb 15Moreton magna.PWilliam Hunter, M.A.The bishop.Samuel Croxall, D.D.Death.
1778 Apr 27Moreton magna.PJohn Stone, LL.D. The bishop.William Hunter.Death.
1783 Jun 5Moreton magna.PFrancis Woodcock, M.A.The bishop.John Stone.Death.
1818 Nov 28Moreton magna.PGeorge Gretton, D.D.The bishop.Francis Woodcock.Death.
1836 Jul 7Moreton magna.PCharles Taylor, M.A.The bishop.Charles Taylor, senior, D.D.Death.
1881 Dec 29Moreton magna.PCharles Warner, M.A.The bishop.Charles Taylor.Death.
1900 Nov 23Moreton magna.PAugustus Field, M.A.The bishop.Charles Warner. Death.
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