Moreton Parva

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1302 Sep 27Moreton minor.PJohn de Kempsey, priest.The bishop.Walter de Rudmarly.Death.
1303 Nov 9Moreton minor.PWilliam de Caple, rector of Sinningfelde.The bishop. John de Kempsey.Vacated.
1310 Nov 24Moreton minor.PJohn de Ross, archdeacon of Salop.The bishop.William de Caple.Death.
1326 Nov 16Moreton parva.PJohn de Orleton. [7] The bishop.  
1367 Mar 8Moreton parva.PMast Thos. Bysshebury, clerk.The bishop.  
1386 Jul 30Morton Parva.PThos. More, clerk. The king, for this turn.  
1402 Nov 3Moreton parva.PJohn Kyngton.The bishop.  
1409 Feb 11Morton Parva.PMaster John Catvyl.The bishop.Master John Kington.Resignation.
1414 May 23Moreton parva.PMaster Nicholas Mockyng, bach. in law.The bishop.Henry Bowet.Resignation. [2]
1424 Jul 2Morton Parva.PHenry Webton.The bishop.Thos. Mockyng.Death.
1429 Jan 28Moreton Parva.PJohn Assheby.The bishop.Henry Newton.Resignation.
1434 Aug 9Morton minor.PWilliam Walesby, chapl.The bishop.  
1441 Jun 30Moreton Minor.PW. Walesby, rector of S. Peter de Langton, in the diocese of Lincoln.The bishop.John Langton, canon and prebendary of Moreton Minor.Exchange.
1447 Jan 8Moreton minor.PWilliam Saunders, chapl.The bishop.Thomas Boleyn.Resignation.
1472 Nov 11Moreton parva.PMaster Wm. Wrixham. sac. theol. prof.The bishop.Master Wm. Gyfford.Resignation.
1482 Aug 20Morton parva.PWm. Fitzherbert, leg. doc.The bishop.William Wrexham, sac. pag. prof. [2]Resignation. [2]
1512 Oct 25Morton parva.PMaster Nicholas Walwen.The bishop.Miles Ragon.Cession.
1545 May 26Moreton parva.PRich. Harford, B.A.The bishop.Nicholas Walwyn.Death.
1547 Jan 7Moreton parva.PJohn Barlow, M.A. [1] The bishop.Richard Harford.Tranferred to preb. of Putson major.
1554 Sep 19Moreton parva.PWill. Collins, B.C.L.The bishop.  
1562 Jun 23Moreton Parva.PRalph Griffyn.The bishop.John Parfay.Deprivation.
1570 Jul 1Moreton parva.PTimothy Pepwall.The bishop.   
1573 Nov 13Moreton parva.PRichd. Haries, M.A. The bishop.  
1690 Jun 21Moreton parva.PFrancis Jauncy, M.A. The bishop.  
1732 Nov 12Moreton parva.PRodney Croxall, B.A.The bishop.Francis Jauncey.Death.
1754 May 18Moreton parva.PJohn Stephens, LL.B.The bishop.Rodney Croxall.Death.
1756 Jul 13Moreton parva.PHon John Harley, M.A.The bishop.John Stephens.Resignation.
1760 Mar 19Moreton parva.PJohn Hoskyns, M.A. The bishop.Hon. John Harley.Resignation.
1805 May 23Moreton parva.PSamuel Picart, M.A. The bishop.John Hoskyns Abrahall.Death.
1835 Oct 7Moreton parva.PChas. Taylor, M.A. The bishop.Samuel Picart.Death.
1836 Jul 27Moreton parva.PWaties Corbett, M.A.The bishop.Charles Taylor, jun.Cession.
1856 Feb 1Moreton parva.PThomas Barratt Power, M.A.The bishop.Waties Corbett.Death.
1874 Mar 16Moreton parva.PSidney Lidderdale Smith, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Barrett Power.Death.
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