Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1485 Nov 18Morville (Momervylle).VThomas Jonys.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Robert Marschald.Resignation.
1537 Oct 12Morville.VRoger Purslow.Thomas Blount, of Syllyngton, arm. [1]Edwd. Rushburye.Death.
1797 Mar 28Morville and Aston Eyre.UGeorge Hugh Haslewood, B.A.Henry Leigh, viscount Tracy.Charles Tucker. Death.
1840 Mar 13Morville.CWilliam George Lee Wasey, M.A.Charles, lord Sudeley.George Hugh Hazlewood. Death.
1877 Aug 10Morville with Aston Eyre.CHoratio James Ward, M.A.Chas. Douglas Rich. lord Sudeley.William George Leigh Wasey.Death.
1893 Dec 14Morville with Aston Eyre.CWilliam Heaton, M.A.The University of Cambridge, for this turn. [1]Horatio James Ward.Resignation.
1900 Jun 6Morville with Aston Eyre.CGeorge Swift, M.A.University of Cambridge. [1]William Heaton.Death.
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