Much Marcle

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1679 Dec 29Marcle magna.VBenjamin Pritchard, M.A.Richard and Edward Hall, gen.William Watts.Death.
1682 Jan 16Marcle magna.VJohn Watts, B.A.Sir John Ernle,Benjamin Pritchard.Resignation.
1700 Sep 10Marcle magna.VDaniel Phillipps, M.A.John Kyrle Ernle, arm.John Watts.Death.
1299 May 16Much Marcle. Henry Barun, priest.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1300 Nov 13Much Marcle. Thomas de Whitney, priest.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1303 Feb 6Much Marcle. Gilbert de Chiveninge, priest. Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1349 Sep 20Much Marcle.VRichard Parkere, of Ledbury, deacon.The king (Lyre abbey).  
1352 Nov 7Much Marcle.VJohn de Staunford.The king (Lyre abbey).Richard le Parkere.Exchange.
1355 Jul 16Much Marcle.VStephen de Wythyndon.The king (Lyre abbey).John de Staunford, chaplain.Exchange.
1361 Dec 11Much Marcle.VReginald Mile. [2]Thos. de Ozonles, proctor of abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1368 Jun 18Much Marcle.VRobert Norreys, chaplain.Brother Ralph Maylok, proctor of Lyre.Richard Myle.Resignation.
1387 Dec 1Much Marcle.VThomas de Chestertone, vicar of Stonehouse.The king (Lyre abbey).Robert Norreys, vicar of Much Marcle.Exchange.
1387 Jan 16Much Marcle.VJohn Couley, rector of Sollershope.The king (Lyre abbey).Thomas Chesterton, vicar of Much Marcle.Exchange.
1399 Jul 15Much Marcle.VJohn de Kyderminster, vicar of Hardepury, Worcester dioc. John Cowley, vicar of Much Marcle.Exchange.
1401 Oct 2Much Marcle. William Hope.Prior of S. Guthlac.  
1429 Dec 13Much Marcle. Wm. Farthorpe, chapl.Prior and conv. of Shene.William Hope.Resignation.
1430 Nov 10Much Marcle. Richd. Chewyng.Prior and conv. of Shene.William Falthorpe.Resignation.
1433 Mar 30Much Marcle. John Glover, chapl.Prior and conv. of Shene.Richard Chewyng.Resignation.
1440 Jul 14Much Marcle.VJames Verne, chapl.Prior and conv. of Shene.  
1442 Nov 15Much Marcle.VRichard Elkyns, chapl. [3]Prior and conv. of Shene.James Verne.Resignation.
1443 Apr 22Much Marcle. John Reynalde, chapl.Sir John Barre.  
1446 Jul 27Much Marcle.VJacob Werne.Prior and conv. of Shene.  
1453 Mar 4Much Marcle.VWm. Corse, chapl.John Bokyngham, prior of Sheen.  
1458 Jul 22Much Marcle.VJames Verne, in decretis bac.Prior and conv. of Bethlehem.Wm. Corse.Death.
1481 Jun 29Much Marcle.VRichard Rowus, in dec. bac.Prior and conv. of Jesus of Bethlehem.Master James Verne.Death.
1492 Apr 13Much Marcle.VHenry Shane, in dec. bac.Prior and conv. of Sheen.Nicholas Rews, in dec. bac.Resignation.
1531 Mar 1Much Marcle.VRichard Vaghan, in art. bac.Prior and conv. of Sheen.Henry Shawen.Death.
1546 Jan 14Much Marcle. John Mylner.William Begem.Richard Vaughan.Death.
1554 Jun 10Much Marcle. Chris. Walwen.The queen.  
1575 Mar 6Much Marcle. Richard Kyrle.The queen.   
1730 Oct 1Much Marcle.VWilliam Barnes, M. A.Constance Ernle, a minor (with consent of Richd. Bingham, arm., her guardian).James Barrow.Death.
1733 Aug 9Much Marcle.VJohn Bingham, M.A.Constance Ernle. [1]William Barnes.Resignation.
1734 Sep 21Much Marcle with chapels of Yatton and Kynaston.VWilliam Barnes, M.A.Constance Ernle. [2]John Bingham.Resignation.
1774 Jul 15Much Marcle, w. chapels of Yatton and Kynaston. Robert Campbell, M.A.James Money, of Pisford, Co. Northampton, esq. William Barnes. Death.
1787 Jun 8Much Marcle with chapel of Yatton.VJames Roberts, B.AWill. Kerr, of Northampton, M.D., and Esther Jesse, of Pitsford, co Northampton, widow.Robert Campbell.Resignation.
1809 Apr 17Much Marcle.VErnle Money, B.A.James Money, esq.James Roberts. Death.
1846 Mar 18Much Marcle with Yatton.VWill. Money Kyrle, M.A.Himself.Kyrle Ernle Money. Death.
1847 Jul 23Much Marcle with Yatton.VAllan William Chatfield, M.A.Will. Money Kyrle, clerk.William Money Kyrle. Resignation.
1896 Apr 26Much Marcle with Yatton.VCecil Leigh Money Kyrle, M.A.Devisees under the will of John Ernle Money Kyrie.Allen Will. Chatfield.Death.
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