Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Oct 11La Munede (i.e. Myndtown). Richard de Hope, deacon.John de la Munede.   
1296 Dec 22Menede (i.e. Myndtown). John de la Menede, subd.(not mentioned).  
1303 Nov 9Myndtown. John de la Munede, priest.(not mentioned).William Portel.Resignation.
1303 Nov 17Myndtown. William Portel.John de la Menede.  
1340 Dec 15Myndtown. Walter de Ashe.John de la Mimede.  
1341 Jan 18Myndtown. William de Saale.John de la Mimede.  
1361 Dec 15Mindtown (Munede). Thos. de Walleford.Wm. de la Munede, lord of Mindtown.  
1386 Oct 10Mindtown (Menede). Wm. Wymound, chaplain.William Menede.Thomas Bourtone.Resignation.
1414 Dec 30Mindtown (Menede). Richard Menede, chaplain.William Menede.Sir Sampson.Death.
1427 Aug 23Minede. Wm. Assheforde. [2]The bishop, by lapse.  
1464 Oct 10Mindtown (Meonde).VDavid ap Meredith Lloide.The bishop, by lapse.  
1484 Jul 14Mindtown (La Mende). Richard Butteler.Wm. de la Mende.Wm. Yoppe.Death.
1514 Feb 27Mindtown (Munde). Thomas Baker.The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1532 Feb 11Munede alias Myndetown. John Homme.Richard Mynde. Thomas Baker.Resignation.
1578 Oct 31Myndtown. Richard Aylward.Will. Mynde, arm.  
1624 Jun 30Myndtown. Richard Dicklegge.George Min, arm,  
1684 Mar 13Myndtown. John Farmer.George Farmer, gen.Robert Gawen. Death.
1735 May 26Myndtown. Joseph Orme, B.A.John Walcott, esq.Last rector.Death.
1736 Nov 16Myndtown. Edw. Rogers, B.A.]ohn Walcott, esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1789 Mar 30Myndtown. Geo. Holland, M.A. Edward, lord Clive.Edward Rogers.Death.
1810 Jul 18Myndtown. Richard Bowen.Edward, earl of Powis.George Holland.Death.
1820 Jun 24Myndtown. John Rogers, M.A.Edward, earl of Powis. Richard Bowen.Death.
1856 Dec 16Myndtown. Chas. Jas. Wilding, M.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.John Rogers.Death.
1862 Nov 17Myndtown. Robt. Edwd. Warren, B.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.Charles James Wilding.Cession.
1875 Mar 19Myndtown. Richard Graves de Medewe.Edward James, earl of Powis.Robert Edwd. Warren.Resignation.
1877 Aug 22Myndtown. John Wright, M.A. Edward James, earl of Powis.Rich. Graves de Medewe.Death.
1894 Jul 28Myndtown with Norbury. James Glendower Hughes.George Charles, earl of Powis.John Wright.Resignation.
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