Neen Sollars

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1314 Aug 14Neen Sollars. Richard le Fort, acol.Roger Mortimer.  
1342 Feb 23Neen Sollars. Richard Stowell.   
1349 May 10Neen Sollars. Robert de Malley, rector of Sheriff's Upton. Richard Nowell, rector.Exchange.
1350 May 10Neen Sollars. Master Roger de Malley.Sir Roger de Mortuo Mari. Exchange.
1355 Jun 18Neen Sollars. Richard Nowell, rector of Sheriff's Upton.Roger Mortimer, earl of March.Robert de Malley, rector.Exchange.
1362 Apr 1Neen Sollars.RJohn de Cleobury.The king, guardian of heir of Roger Mortimer, earl of March.Richard Nowell.Exchange.
1362 May 14Neen Sollars. Wm. de Gurdwall.The king, guardian of heir of earl of March.  
1384 Feb 28Neen Sollars. Richard de Whelington.The king, guardian of the heir of earl of March.Wm de Curdewalle.Resignation.
1418 Jul 27Neen (Nyen) Sollers. William Eggintone, vicar of Cleobury Mortimer, by his proctor Richard Green, priest.The earl of March and Ulster, lord of Wigmore and Clare.Richard Welyntone, rector of Neen (Nyen) Sollers.Exchange.
1456 Nov 27Neen Solers. John Taptone, arcium magister.Duke of York, lord of Wigmore.Wm. Eggeltone.Death.
1458 Sep 27Neen Solers. William Reux, chapl.Richard, duke of York.Master John Taptone.Resignation.
1506 Jun 18Neen Sollers (Sellers Nyne). Thomas Wilkes.The king.Oliver Pole.Resignation.
1531 Apr 6Neen Sollars with Milson chapel. Richard Luce.The king.  
1673 Oct 21Neen Sollars. Chas. Hinckesman.Thomas Bury, gen.Ed. Pitt. Death.
1704 Oct 23Neen Sollers (cum capella de Millsom). Thomas Jones, B.A, Sylvester Shaw and Sara, his wife.Charles Hinksman. Cession.
1753 Feb 27Neen Sollers, alias Nyend Salars, with Milson. Edward Baugh, B.A.Richard Knight of Ludlow, esq,Thomas Jones Death.
1795 Jun 1Neen Sollers, with chapel of Milson. Edward Baugh, B.A.Rich. Baugh, knight of Downton, esq.Edward Baugh, sen.Death.
1814 Jun 1Neen Sollers, with chapel of Milson. John Chambers, M.A.Worcester College, Oxford.Edward Baugh. Death.
1836 Sep 21Neen Sollers. Thomas Hardwicke, D.D. Worcester College, Oxford. John Chambers. Death.
1855 Aug 14Neen Sollars and Milson. Joseph Baker, M.A. Worcester College, Oxford.Thomas Power Hardwick.Death.
1894 Mar 30Neen Sollars with Milson. Arthur Hen. Gorton, M.A.Worcester College, OxfordJoseph Baker,Death.
1900 Dec 20Neen Sollars with Milsom. Ebenezer Josiah Newell, M.A.Worcester College, Oxford.Arthur Henry Gorton.Death.
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