New Radnor

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Jan 28New Radnor. Robert de Leneck, subdeacon. [1] Dame Matilda Mortimer.Ralph de Hengham.Resignation.
1307 Dec 21New Radnor. William de la Lowe, priest.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1332 Nov 5New Radnor. Ralph Mortimer.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1333 Jan 16New Radnor. John Pees, clerk.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1349 Sep 2New Radnor. William de Trottesworth.Sir Roger de Mortuo Mari, lord of Wigmore.  
1350 Jun 28New Radnor. Wm. de Cusynton.Sir Roger de Mortuo Mari, lord of Wigmore.  
1355 Sep 5New Radnor. John de Okebourne, clerk. [2]Roger de Mortuo Mari, earl of March.Wm. de Ousynton.Resignation.
1360 Feb 18New Radnor. John de la Mere, chaplain.John Gour for this turn, by grant of Roger, earl of March.John de Okebourn.Resignation.
1396 Aug 3New Radnor.   William Moore, rector of New Radnor.Resignation.
1396 Nov 30New Radnor. John Freckenham.Count Roger de Mortimer.  
1402 Sep 26New Radnor. John Mechet, chapl.The Crown.  
1406 Jan 25S. Mary's chantry, New Radnor.CWm. Tomkyns.Roger and Thos. Andrew.  
1420 Jan 28New Radnor. Roger Gour, chap. Feoffees of the earl of March. [3]William Lyngeyn.Death.
1423 Mar 6New Radnor. John Tedelthorp, chapl.Edmund, earl of March.Roger Powre.Resignation.
1426 Nov 8New Radnor. John Monmouth, rector of Rock (Roke). John Thedilthorp, rector of New Radnor.Exchange.
1433 Jun 25New Radnor. John Grene, rector of Newnham, in the diocese of Lincoln. John Monmouth, rector of New Radnor.Exchange.
1434 Oct 1New Radnor. Richard Rudhale, cleric.Richard, duke of York.John Grene.Resignation.
1472 Aug 1New Radnor.VRobert Stirope.The king.Walter Ekkeley.Death.
1482 Mar 30New Radnor. Thomas Waterville, chapl.Prince Edward, eldest son of the king.Master Robert Stirop.Resignation.
1510 Oct 19New Radnor. Henry Martin, in utroque jure bac.The king.Wm. Waterfall. [1]Resignation on Mar. 7, 1509.
1520 Apr 7New Radnor. James Walker, in leg. bac.The king.Henry Martyn.Resignation.
1532 Aug 22New Radnor. John Cracher.The king.David Walker. [2]Resignation.
1544 Jan 10New Radnor. William Nouman.The king.John Cracker. Deprivation.
1554 May 23New Radnor. John Powell.The queen.  
1671 Oct 27Radnor, New. John Watkins, M.A. The bishop.Robert Bidwell.Death.
1676 Mar 9New Radnor. Simon Jones, M.A.The king.John Watkins. Death.
1682 Dec 30New Radnor. John Hergest, M.A. The king.Simon Jones, M.A. Death.
1685 Apr 1New Radnor. John Howell, M.A.The king.John Hergest.Death.
1690 Dec 13New Radnor. James Gwyn, M.A.The king and queen.John Howells.Deprivation.
1706 Apr 24New Radnor. Roger Griffiths, B.D.The queen.James Gwyn. Death.
1709 Jun 25New Radnor. John Jenkins.The queen.Roger Griffith.Death.
1714 Jun 25New Radnor. John Pugh, M.A.The queen.John Jenkins.Resignation.
1715 Mar 17New Radnor. David Williams.The king.John Pugh.Death.
1741 Feb 24New Radnor. Chamberlain Davies, B.A.The king.Last incumbent.Death.
1744 May 26New Radnor. Thomas Lewis.The king.Last incumbent.Death.
1776 Oct 29New Radnor. James Bull, M.A.The king.Thomas Lewis. Death.
1795 Oct 8New Radnor. James Woodhouse, M.A.The king.James Bull.Cession.
1797 Nov 28New Radnor. Thomas Hodges, M.A.The king.James Woodhouse. Death.
1828 May 2New Radnor. John Merewether, M.A.The king.Last incumbent.Death.
1850 Jun 1New Radnor. William Newton.The queen.John Merewether,D.D. Death.
1854 May 23New Radnor. Geo Rich. Turner, M.A.The queen.William Newton.Cession.
1866 Mar 19New Radnor. Thomas Charles Prickard, B.A.The queen.George Rich. Turner.Cession.
1875 Aug 5New Radnor. John Gillam, B.A.The queen.Thomas Chas. Prickard.Resignation.
1881 Mar 7New Radnor. John Lonsdale Bryans, M.A.The queen.John Gillam.Cession.
1893 Jun 28New Radnor. Arthur Garnons Williams.The queen.John Lonsdale Bryans.Cession.
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