Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1301 Jul 19Newent. Hugh de la Grave, priest.Abbot and convent of Cormeilles.  
1363 Apr 29Newent.VJohn Lyleye. Robert de Ratford.Exchange.
1390 Jul 25Newent.VReginald Clifton, chapl.Sir John Devereux.  
1393 Dec 12Newent. Robert Hoke, rector of Aldermaston, Sarum dioc. Reginald Clystone, rector of Newent.Exchange.
1434 Sep 5Newent.VJohn Hohe, chapl.Dean and Fellows, Fotheringay.Robert Hooke.Resignation.
1524 Nov 26Newent.VThomas Byrde, in theol. bac.Master and Fellows of Fotheringay college.William Porter. Death.
1537 Sep 28Newent.VJohn Warde, by his proctor, Richard Hedde.Master and fellows of collegiate church of Fotheringay.Master Thos. Byrde.Death.
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