Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1279 Feb 0Newland near Monmouth. Richard de Acton.Master of the Knights Templars in England.  
1302 Oct 25Newland. William de Monmouth, priest. The bishop of Llandaff.  
1303 Aug 26Newland. Walter de Colne,The bishop of Llandaff.  
1303 Aug 26Newland. Walter de Colne, priest.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1310 Dec 4Newland. John de Hanbury, priest.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1312 Dec 21Newland. Adam de Bristol, priest.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1334 Apr 22Newland.VPhilip Hanard.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1335 Mar 18Newland.VRobert of Coventry.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1336 Mar 14Newland.VRobert de Coventre.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1345 Feb 23Newland. William Borrich.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1351 Mar 9Newland (Nova Terra). Nicholas Brut.John, bishop of Llandaff.Wm. de Newenton.Death.
1356 Nov 3Newland. Richd. de Lodebrok.John, bishop of Llandaff.Nicholas le Brut.Exchange.
1387 Jan 10Newland.VMaster Roger Crok.William, bishop of Llandaff.  
1392 Nov 24Newland.VRichard Wormebrugge, rector of S John's, Bristol, Wore. dioc. Roger Croke, vicar of Newland.Exchange.
1394 Apr 5Newland.VHenry Ffouleshurst, Llandaff, chancellor, Llandaff dioc.Bishop of Llandaff.Richard Wormebrugges, vicar of Newland.Exchange.
1395 Jun 13Newland.VRichd Pere, chapl.The bishop of Llandaff.  
1400 Feb 8Newland.VRoger Stoke, vicar of Ambresdon, Lincoln dioc.The bishop of Llandaff.Richard Peere, vicar of Newland.Exchange.
1402 Jan 21Newland.VWilliam Loupere, chapl.Bishop of Llandaff.  
1417 May 7Newland. Richd. Honycherch, chaplain. The king. [2] Recovery of the benefice in the courts from an intruder, Wm. Smyth.
1419 Aug 6Newland. Robert Burneby, chaplain.John, bishop of Llandaff.R. H.Death.
1420 May 6Newland.VJohn Orvelle.John, bishop of Llandaff.William Styward.Resignation.
1420 Jul 5Newland.VHenry Wodestoke. John, bishop of Llandaff.John Orvelle.Death.
1426 Jul 30Newland. John Hyscok, chapl.The bishop of Llandaff.Henry Wodestoke.Death.
1428 Nov 1Newland.VJohn Kew, chapl.The bishop of Llandaff.John Hyscok.Death.
1476 Oct 2Newland.VEdwd. Janyns, in decr. bac.John, bishop of Llandaff.Thomas Brampston, mag. arcium.Resignation.
1531 Oct 30Newland.VJohn Quarre, art. mag.George, bishop of Llandaff.James More.Death.
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