Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1295 Jul 25Nonnington.PWilliam de la Gaye, subd.The bishop.   
1295 Feb 3Nonnington.PJohn de Shelvinge, canon of Hereford.The bishop.  
1304 Mar 24Nonnington.PRichard de Dunte, acol.The bishop.William de la Gare.Death.
1322 Jul 15Nonnington.PJohn de Orleton, clerk. [1]The bishop.Richard de Dunre.Death.
1431 Mar 15Nonnington.PRichard Morton.The bishop.Thos. Makeblith.Death.
1433 Dec 18Nonnington.PJohn Home, rector of South Molton, in the diocese of Exeter.The bishop.Richard Marton, canon and prebendary of Nonnington.Exchange.
1479 Oct 27Nonyngton.PWalter Oadeby, in dec. doc.The bishop.David Hopton.Resignation.
1485 Sep 16Nonnington.PRichard Fox, in leg. bac.The bishop.Walter Oudeby, in dec. bac.Resignation. [4]
1561 Aug 23Nonnington.PHugh Wall.The bishop.   
1571 Jan 10Nonnington.PJohn Watkins, M.A. The bishop.   
1669 Jan 14Nonnington.PWilliam Johnson.The bishop.William Evauce, D.D.Death.
1708 Oct 29Nonnington.PRichard Lloyd, M.A. The bishop.John Gregory, D.D.Death.
1733 Dec 14Nonnington.PWilliam Watson, M.A.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1754 Jun 19Nonnington.PJohn Evans, M.A.The bishop.William Watson.Resignation.
1783 Apr 11Nonnington.PRichard Walond, M.A.The bishop.John Evans.Death.
1802 Aug 3Nonnington.PJob Walker Baugh, M.A.The bishop.Richard Walond.Resignation.
1841 Nov 6Nonnington.PWilliam Edward Evans, B.A.The bishop.Job Walker Baugh.Death.
1870 Apr 6Nonington.PHenry Thos Hill, M.A.The bishop.William Edward Evans. Death.
1882 Jan 2 Nonnington.PThos. Will. Webb, M.A.The bishop.Henry Thomas Hill.Death.
1885 Jul 23Nonnington.PEdward Burdett Hawkshaw, M.A.The bishop.Thomas William Webb.Death.
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