Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1280 Jun 23Norton.PAnthony Beke. [1]The bishop.  
1288 May 21Norton by Presteigne. Walter de Berton, deacon.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1305 Mar 6Norton.PRichard de Bello.The bishop.John de Schardeburgh.Death.
1307 Nov 10Norton. John Rex, priest.The bishop. [8]  
1326 Sep 8Norton.PRoger de Breinton, priest. [4]The bishop.Richard de Bello.Death.
1330 Nov 9Norton.VDavid de la Mainstone.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1351 Apr 14Norton.VGervase de Maynston.The bishop, by lapse.Sir David.Death.
1369 Oct 31Norton chapel.VJohn Walische, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1383 Jul 8Norton.PJohn Harold, rector of the free chapel of Reynoldstone. John Godmastone, canon.Exchange.
1390 Sep 35Norton.PReginald de Wolstone.The bishop.  
1396 Oct 1Norton.PWilliam Berown.The bishop.Reginald de Wolstone.Vacated.
1424 Apr 15Norton.VRichard Budlond, chapl. [1]The bishop, by lapse.  
1436 Aug 25Norton.PSymon Alkoke.The bishop.John Burrell.Resignation.
1459 Aug 24Norton.PRichard Homme, chapl.The bishop.Master Symon Alcock.Death.
1466 Oct 2Norton.PRichard Hyde.The bishop.Richd. Homme.Death.
1466 Jan 23Norton by Presteigne. Geoffrey Clastone.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Richd. Badlond.Death.
1467 Nov 1Norton.PMaster William Bagart, bac. in decretis.The bishop.Richd. Hide.Death.
1467 Nov 25Norton by Presteigne.VThomas Wevere, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Richd. Topclief.Resignation.
1467 Feb 3Norton by Presteigne.VJohn Topcliffe, bac. in decretis.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.  
1477 Oct 10Norton.VJohn Lippard.Abbot and conv. of ?.Thomas ap Richard.Resignation.
1477 Oct 20Norton.VJohn Lippard.Thos. Leo[minstre], abbot, and the conv. of Wigmore.Thomas Wevere.Resignation.
1504 Oct 31Norton.PHenry Martyn, in utroque jure bac.The bishop.Richd. Burton.Death.
1508 Oct 19Norton.PEdmund Frocetur, sac. theol. prof.The bishop.Henry Martin.Resignation.
1516 Apr 7Norton.PRichard Parkurst, arc. mag.The bishop.Thos. Chypenham.Resignation.
1527 Oct 5Norton by Presteign.VJohn Moryce,The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1563 Oct 14Norton.VJohn Morrys.The queen.  
1567 Jan 29Norton.PGriffin Williams.The bishop.   
1572 Jul 8Norton (by Presteigne).VRoger Powell.John Tamworth, of Tylton, com., Leicester, arm.  
1574 Jan 18Norton.PJohn Bullingham, S.T.P.The bishop.  
1576 Mar 30Norton juxta Presteigne. Roger Howell,The queen.   
1614 Dec 13Norton.PThomas Mansfield, M.A.The bishop.  
1616 Sep 21Norton. Henry George.The king.  
1623 Mar 13Norton.VHugh Jones.The king.Last incumbent.Death.
1624 Mar 13Norton.VHugh Jones.The king.  
1667 Apr 16Norton.PThomas Wild, M.A, The bishop.  
1670 Apr 7Norton.PStephen Phillips.The bishop.Thomas Wylde.Resignation.
1684 Jul 9Norton.VWilliam Tristram, B.A.The king.Thomas Warburton.Death.
1684 Aug 23Norton.PJohn Slade, M.A.The bishop.Stephen Philipps.Death.
1704 May 11Norton.VRichard Vaughan, B.A.The queen.William Tristram.Cession.
1721 Jun 17Norton.PPaulet St. John, D.D. The bishop.John Slade.Death.
1733 Jun 9Norton.PPage Newborough, M.A.The bishop.Paulet St. John D.D.Death.
1746 Jul 1Norton.PEdward Ballard, D.D.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1746 Dec 21Norton.PWilliam Hunter, M.A.The bishop.Last prebendary.Resignation.
1749 Apr 27Norton.PWilliam Bach, B.A. The bishop.Last prebendary.Resignation.
1752 Jul 7Norton.PWilliam Willim, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Russell.Resignation.
1752 Aug 20Norton.PJohn Evans, M.A.The bishop.William Willim.Resignation.
1752 Mar 6Norton.PThomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.William Bach. Resignation.
1754 Jun 12Norton.PJohn Hoskyns, M.A. The bishop.John Evans. Resignation.
1756 Jun 28Norton.VMiddleton Jones, LL.B.The king.Richard Vaughan.Death.
1760 Apr 5Norton.PUvedale Kyffin, B.D. The bishop.John Hoskyns.Resignation.
1775 Sep 27Norton.PNathan Wetherell, D.D.The bishop.Uvedale Kyffin.Resignation.
1776 Jan 4Norton.VRichard Lloyd.The king.Middleton Jones.Death.
1777 Aug 28Norton.PRichard Evans, M.A.The bishop.Nathan Wetherell.Resignation.
1782 Jun 8Norton.PRichard Walond, M.A.The bishop.Richard Evans.Resignation.
1783 Apr 11Norton.PThomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.Richard Walond.Resignation.
1797 Dec 8Norton.PRichard Smith, M.A.The king.Richard Lloyd.Death.
1808 Sep 21Norton.VDavid Griffiths.The king.Richard Smith. Death.
1827 Jul 4Norton.VJohn Jenkins.The king.David Griffiths. Death.
1831 May 26Norton.PJohn Clutton, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Russell.Death.
1860 Apr 13Norton.VBenjamin Hill, B.A. The queen.John Jenkins.Death.
1874 Aug 8Norton.VFredk.Glyn Montagu Powell, M.A.Sir Richard Green Price, bart.Benjamin Hill.Cession.
1878 Jul 1Norton.VPerry Fairfax Nursey, B.A.Sir Richard Green Price, bart.Frederick Glyn Montague Powell. Cession.
1885 Jan 29Norton.PRobt. Hen. Cobbold, M.A.The bishop.John Clutton.Death.
1886 Sep 24Norton.VHerbert Chase Green Price, M.A.Sir Richard Green Price, bart.Percy Fairfax Nursey.Resignation.
1893 Oct 26Norton.PGeo. Edw. Ashley, M.A.The bishop.Robert Henry Cobbold.Death.
1895 Dec 18Norton.VHorace Gordon Lowe, B.A.Powlett Chas. John Milbank, esq., M.P. [2]Herbert Chas.Green Price.Cession.
1899 Mar 15Norton.VJos. Francis Fuller, M.A.Sir Powlett Charles John Milbank, bart.Horace Gordon Lowe. Cession.
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