Ocle Pychard

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 Apr 26Ocle Pychard. Thomas de Tornastone, priest.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1318 Dec 13Ocle Pychard. Walter de Thormaston, priest. [3] Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1349 Aug 5Ocle Pychard. John le Whyte.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1360 Apr 1Ocle Pychard.VRichd. de Kyneford, chaplain.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.Sir John.Death.
1408 Feb 7S. Peter, Ocle Pychard. Richard Bromptone, rector of S. Owen's, Bristol.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.John Keole.Exchange.
1413 Oct 30Ocle Pychard.VJohn Ely, rector of Munsley.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.Richard Brompton.Exchange.
1416 May 28Ocle Pychard.VJohn Keole, rector of Dinedor (Dynour).Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.John Elye.Exchange.
1426 May 27Ocle Pychard.VHenry Wayte, vicar of Yedesley.The prior and convent of S. Peter s, Gloucester.William Tomkins, vicar of Ocle Pychard.Exchange.
1446 Sep 29Ocle Pychard.VJohn Pychard, chapl.Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc.Henry Wayt.Death.
1472 Aug 18Ocle Pychard.VWilliam Glovere.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.John Pychere.Death.
1485 Sep 5Ocle Pychard. Thomas Hyutte.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.Wm. Gloucestre.Death.
1505 Sep 15Ocle Pychard.VRowland Freyn.Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.William Warmecombe.Resignation.
1542 Jul 1Ocle Pychard. Roger Burghill.John Price, gen., for St. Guthlac's pr.Roland ffrene.Death.
1554 Aug 1Ocle Pychard. Humph. Barkeley.Sir John Price.  
1569 Nov 5Ocle Pychard. John Hawkyns.Gregory Pryce.  
1681 Sep 30Ocle Pychard.VGeorge Linacre.John Seaborn, gen.Richard Morris.Death.
1730 Jan 31Ocle Pychard.VBenjamin Rogers, B.A.Riclid. Stephenson, arm.George Linacre.Death.
1760 Sep 17Ocle Pychard.VJohn Stephens, LL. B.Richard Waring, of Withington, clerk.Benj. Rogers.Death.
1763 Jul 26Ocle Pychard.VRobert Hathway, M.A.Richard Waring, of Withington, clerk.John Stephens.Death.
1773 May 27Ocle Pychard.VRichard Gomond, B.A.Richard Gomond, of Fownhope, esq.Robert Hathway. Death.
1775 May 20Ocle Pychard.VDavies Child, B.A,John Child, of Little Hereford, gent.Richard Gomond.Death.
1793 Aug 16Ocle Pychard.VVincent Wood, B.A. Ann Child, widow.Davies Child.Death.
1814 Jan 31Ocle Pychard.VThomas Apperley, B.A.Rev. John Lilley, of New Court, Lugwardine.Vincent Wood. Resignation.
1845 Apr 30Ocle Pychard.VHopkins Hill, B.A.Thomas Hill, of Rudhall, esq.Thomas Apperley.Cession.
1869 Nov 9Ocle Pychard.VThos. Henry Clutton-Brock.Henry Thomas Hill, of Felton, clerk.Hopkins Hill.Death.
1876 Jan 4Ocle Pychard.VWalter Wilmot Hill, M.A.Henry Thomas Hill, of Felton, clerk.Thomas Henry Clutton Brock. Cession.
1889 Jan 12Ocle Pychard.VHenry Longueville Graham, B.A.Harriet Abiah Hill, widow.Walter Wilmot Hill.Death.
1892 Nov 15Ocle Pychard.VWill. Ernest Hobbes, M.A.Harriet Abiah Hill, widow.Hen. Longueville Graham.Resignation.
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