Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Jul 6Park Chapel.VWalter de Verney.William le Brun, and with the consent of the portionists of Ledbury.  
1384 Nov 13Parke. John Taillour, chaplain, of Ashperton.Johanna de Lynde, lady of Parke.Wm. Forthey.Death.
1395 Dec 1Parke. Richard Yonge, vicar of S. Martin's, Hereford dioc. Thomas Whytte, rector of Parke.Exchange.
1397 Jun 25La Parke. John Getle, chapl.Roger Hoore.Thos. Pekke.Resignation.
1397 Jul 5Parke. Richard Neweport, rector of Darywayn, S. Asaph dioc. John Getle, rector of Parke.Exchange.
1397 Nov 9La Parke. John Wels, chapl.Roger Hoore.  
1407 Aug 14La Park. Maurice Waterdene, clerk.Roger Hoore, of Munslow, lord of manor of La Park.John Wele.Death.
1413 Jan 26La Park. John Hoore, rector of Eastington.Roger Hore, domicellus.Maurice Waterden.Exchange.
1413 Mar 18La Park. Richard Willyns, clerk.Roger Hoore, domicellus.John Hoore.Resignation.
1506 Jun 17Parke parish church. William Bedward.The patrons. [2]  
1511 Oct 20Free chapel of Parke. William Webbe, arc. mag.The bishop, by lapse. [2]  
1512 Oct 17Free chapel de le Parke. Wm. Webbe, archd. of Hereford.Rowland Mortone, generosus.  
1515 Aug 9Free chapel of le Parke. David Walker, in leg. bac.Rowland Mortone, generosus.Wm. Webbe.Resignation.
1529 Oct 5Free chapel of Parke. Thomas Bagard, legum doc. [6] Rowland Morton, armiger.Last rector or warden.Resignation.
1538 Apr 26Church or chapel of Parke. Anthony Moreton.[1]Rowland Moreton.Thomas Bagard, leg. bac.Resignation.
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