Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Feb 15Pembridge. Emeric, the Chancellor.   
1287 Apr 29Pembridge. Hugh de Breusa, chapl.Dame Matilda Mortimer.  
1338 Feb 28Pembridge. Nicholas de Astone.The Crown.  
1349 Jul 28Pembridge. Wm. de Odcombe.Sir Roger Mortimer.Nich. de Aston.Death.
1383 Sep 26Pembridge.RRoger Assche, rector of Ludlow. Philip Llanwaran, rector of Pembridge.Exchange.
1394 Sep 23Pembridge. John de Repstone.Bishop of S. David's and others (exors. of Edmund Mortimer).  
1402 Jun 22Pembridge. Walter Swan, rector of Aylestone, Linc. dioc.Earl of Northumberland and others.John de Kepstone, rector of Pembridge.Exchange.
1440 Jul 20Pembridge. Richard Heggys.Duke of York.William Estby.Presentation of William Estby to Dunmowe.
1454 Dec 10Pembridge. Geoffrey, bishop of Kildare, rector of S. Margaret's, Lothbury.The duke of York.Richard Egges, rector of S. Mary's, Pembridge.Exchange.
1464 Jan 26Pembridge. Master Richard Martyn, by his proctor, William Sergeant, rector of Mitcheldean.King Edward.Master Geoffrey Hereford, sacre pagine professor, by his proctor, Bro. John Hart, rector of Pembridge.Exchange.
1479 Jan 14Pembridge. Thomas Langton, in dec. doc.The king.Master Richd. Martyn.Resignation.
1485 Apr 30Pembridge. Christopher Baynbryge.King Richard III.Thomas, bishop of Salisbury. [3]Resignation.
1485 Nov 27Pembridge. Henry Whitney, clerk.The king, racione comitatus marchie.  
1509 Mar 16Pembridge. Richard Shirley.The king, on Nov. 16.?Death.
1510 Mar 15Pembridge. Richard Skirley, in leg. bac.The king.  
1527 Sep 12Pembridge. John Olyver, in dec. bac.The king.Richard Shurley.Death.
1551 Jun 25Pembridge. John Compton, Bac. Theol. The king.John Oliver, alias Smythe. Resignation.
1555 May 11Pembridge. William Smythe.The king and queen.Last incumbent.Death.
1566 Sep 12Pembridge. Ed. Baker.____ [6] Gardner, arm.  
1570 Nov 28Pembridge. Robert Philles.Robert, earl of Leicester. [2]Philip Baker. Deprivation.
1579 Mar 11Pembridge. John Newton.Henry Vernon, arm.  
1612 Jun 20Pembridge. Thomas Gurrie.William Wingfield, arm.Giles Tomson, S.T.P. Death.
1662 Apr 20Pembridge. William Sherbourne, D.D.Will. Gregory, arm.   
1667 Feb 5Pembridge. Thomas Trafford, M.A.William Gregory, of Hereford, arm.William Sherberne, D.D.Resignation.
1686 Mar 9Pembridge. Nicholas Sherborne, M.A.Sherborne, sen., gen.Thomas Trafford, D.D.Death.
1726 Feb 25Pembridge. Nathaniel Tranter, B.D.[1]Nicholas Sherborne.Death.
1730 Jun 17Pembridge. John Napleton, B.D.Thomas Healy, Geo.Aylmer, Gilbert Jackson, John Thomson and John Hester.Nathaniel Tranter. Death.
1761 Jul 10Pembridge. John Huish, B.D.Corpus Christi College, Oxford.John Napleton.Death.
1802 Oct 27Pembridge. John Guard, B.D.Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford.John Huish.Death.
1828 Nov 28Pembridge. Maurice James, B.A. Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford.John Guard, D.D.Death.
1849 Feb 17Pembridge. Jas. Fredk. Crouch, B.D.Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford.Maurice James.Death.
1889 Jan 23Pembridge. Francis Whitehead, M.A.John Whitehead, of the Middle Temple. barrister-at-law.James Fredk. Crouch.Death.
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