Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Jul 28Pencombe. John de Chandos.Eustace de Whitney.  
1289 Feb 4Pencombe. John de Chandos, priest.Eustace de Whitney.  
1303 Jan 25Pencombe. Reginald de Whitney.Eustace de Pencombe.  
1342 Nov 16Pencombe. Baldewin de Whitney.   
1353 Nov 15Pencombe. Baldwin de Whyteneye.Robert de Whyteneye.  
1361 Feb 11Pencombe. Richd. de Hurtesley, clerk.Robt. de Whyteneye, lord of Pencombe.Baldwin de Whyteneye.Resignation.
1369 Sep 24Pencombe. John Brasur of Blakemere.Sir Robt. de Wytheneye, knt.  
1419 Dec 7Pencombe. Robert Herlestone, chaplain.Sir Robt.Whyteneye, knt., lord of Pencombe.Sir Eustace.Death.
1421 Oct 18Pencombe.RJohn Orlestone, rector of Hughley, Lincoln diocese.Sir Robt. Whyteney.John Ludeshelf, rector of Pencome.Exchange.
1428 Jun 12Pencombe. Roger Browne, chapl.Sir Robt. Whytemore.John Ludesshelf.Resignation.
1478 Jun 5Pencombe. Roger Clone, chaplain of the chantry in S. Katherine's chapel near the cathedral.Joan Whitney, Walter Vaughan, Thomas Blonte, John Walwey of Longford, and Milo ap Harry, feoffees of the demesne of Pencombe, by the appointment of Robert Whitney.John Lynke, rector of Pencombe.Exchange.
1540 Dec 17Pencombe. John Burghill.Rob. Whitney, arm.William Duckett. Death.
1545 Oct 7Pencombe. Roger Struttye.Thom. Baskerville, arm., and Margaret, his wife.Robert Keryson. Death.
1545 Jan 21Pencombe. Robert Keryson.The king, by reason of minority of Rob. Whitney, son of Rob. Whitney, gen.John Burghill. Death.
1567 Nov 21Pencombe. Robert ffylles.The bishop, by lapse.   
1663 Mar 16Pencombe. William Hill.Sampson Wyse, arm.  
1693 Aug 11Pencombe. Thomas Norbury, M.A.Richd. Norbury and Edw.Walker, gen.William Hill.Death.
1716 Oct 26Pencombe. Luke Hathway, M.A. Thomas, lord Coningsby. Thomas Norbury. Death.
1729 Oct 2Pencombe. Nicholas Harris, B.A.Margaret, countess of Coningsby.Luke Hathway.Death.
1756 Oct 11Pencombe. George Coningsby, D.D.Margaret, countess of Shrewsbury.Michael Harris.Death.
1766 Apr 30Pencombe. Samuel Horne, M.A. Lady Francis Coningsby. George Coningsby.Death.
1767 Jun 11Pencombe. John Glasse.Frances, lady Coningsby. Samuel Horne. Resignation.
1778 May 9Pencombe. John Glasse.Frances, lady Coningsby.[2]  
1780 May 20Pencombe. John Glasse.Frances, lady Coningsby.Last incumbent.Cession.
1830 Mar 12Pencombe. Henry Barry Domvile, M.A.Sir Compton Domvile, bart.John Glasse.Death.
1856 May 11Pencombe. Thomas King, M.A. John Arkwright, esq.Henry Barry Domville.Death.
1861 May 1Pencombe. George Arkwright, B.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.Thomas King.Resignation.
1878 Feb 19Pencombe. Robert Burroughs, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.George Arkwright.Death.
1890 May 2Pencombe. Jas. Hiley Lambert, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright. Robert Burroughes.Death.
1896 Feb 15Pencombe. Richd. John Livingstone, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.James Hiley Lambert.Resignation.
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