Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1284 Sep 27St. Peter in Straddele (i.e. Peterchurch). John de Kotyntone (Coddington).The bishop. [1]  
1302 May 6St. Peter in Straddele (Peterchurch). Henry de Coddington.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.  
1322 Oct 5St. Peter in Straddele (i.e. Peterchurch). William le Harpour, priest.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.  
1325 Jan 9Peterchurch. John de Hyniton, priest.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.  
1340 Oct 27Peterchurch. Simon Atrop.   
1353 Jul 15Peterchurch in valle de Stradell.VJohn Waters of Hynneton.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.Walter de Cowerne.Death.
1399 May 4Peterchurch. John Carpenter.Prior and convent of Malvern the less.  
1412 Mar 20Peterchurch (Sancti Petri in Stradell).VWilliam Broun, chaplain.Prior and convent of Great Malvern.Richard Carpuntre.Resignation.
1421 Jul 5Peterchurch.VJohn ap Howell ap Eynon.Prior and convent of Malverne Minor.Wm. Bron.Resignation.
1440 Feb 5Peterchurch.VJohn Clerke, chapl.Prior and conv. of Malvern.  
1448 May 26Peterchurch.VJohn Snell.The archbishop of Canterbury (by lapse).  
1466 Jan 13Peterchurch, in valle de Stradhulle. Geoffrey ap Hoel.Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.Philip Smith.Resignation.
1488 Jul 15Peterchurch.VWalter Reynold, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.Philp Smyth.Resignation.
1514 May 15Peterchurch.VThomas Reynoldis.Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.Walter Reynoldis.Death.
1557 Feb 11Peterchurch.VRobert Williams.George Apparry, arm.  
1616 Aug 2Peterchurch.VJohn London.John Price, gen., and Maria, his wife.  
1663 Jan 17Peterchurch.VTimothy Price.Margaret Parry and John. her son.  
1675 Aug 24Peterchurch.VJames Andrews.Richard Philpotts, gen.Timothy Price.Death.
1678 Aug 28Peterchurch.VJohn Wiilim, B.A.Nicholas Philpotts, gen.James Andrews.Cession.
1720 May 6Peterchurch.VJames Lane, M.A.James, duke of Chandos. John Willim. Death.
1730 Aug 7Peterchurch.VBenjamin Rogers, B.A.James, duke of Chandos. [1]James Lane. Death.
1801 May 23Peterchurch.VHenry Davies B.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.Thomas Willim.Death.
1828 Dec 31Peterchurch.VBernard John Ward, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Henry Davies.Death.
1832 Apr 7Peterchurch.VBraithwaite Armitage, B.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.Bernard John Ward.Death.
1875 Apr 7Peterchurch.VThomas Williamson Bull, M.A.Walter Abraham Lomer, of Southampton, gent. [1]Res.of Braithwaite Armitage. Resignation.
1875 Nov 13Peterchurch.VThomas Prosser Powell, B.A.Percy Davies, of Shooters Hill.Thomas Williamson Bull.Cession.
1887 Mar 11Peterchurch.VWillis Fleming Aston Lambert, M.A.Percy Davies, esq.Thomas Prosser Powell.Cession.
1896 Apr 25Peterchurch.VMatthew Richard Septimus Onslow, M.A.Jesse Caroline, wife of Thomas Prosser FlemingWillis Aston Powell. Lambert.Resignation.
1899 Dec 22Peterchurch. Edgar Rogers Holland, M.A.Jessy Caroline Powell.Matthew Rich. Septimus Onslow.Cession.
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