Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Jan 29Peterstowe. Simon de Hemingford.Reginald de Grey.  
1329 Jun 24Peterstowe.RWilliam de Hitch, rector of Latchworth, Lincoln d. John de Caldecote, rector of Peterstowe.Exchange.
1333 Jan 20Peterstowe. William de Straushale, clerk.Sir Henry de Grey.  
1338 Mar 12Peterstowe. John de Strettone.Henry de Grey.  
1340 May 11Peterstowe.RJohn Abraham, rector of Itchenor, Chichester d. John de Strettone, rector of Peterstowe.Exchange.
1349 Jun 26Peterstowe. Richard del Delf.Sir Regd. Grey. John Abraham.Death.
1384 Sep 23Peterstowe. Richd. Peturstowe, clerk.Sir Henry le Grey, knt.  
1385 Feb 17Peterstowe. Philip de Llangaran.Henry Grey, lord of Wilton-on-Wye.  
1406 Feb 24Peterstow. John Adams, chaplain.The king.John Propre.Resignation.
1478 Jun 10Peterstow. Thos. Rees, chapl.Reginald Grey, lord of Wilton.  
1544 Jan 24Peterstow. Thomas ap Jevan.Lord Grey of Wilton. John Phelpotte.Death.
1562 Sep 17Peterstow.VJohn Rodd.John Bradshawe.  
1662 Apr 20Peterstow. Robert Brabourne.Will. Powell, baronet.  
1669 Jan 14Peterstow. H. Fox.William Powell, of Pengethley, bart.Robert Brabourne.Death.
1678 Nov 14Pitstow, alias Peterstow. Thomas Ross, B.A. William Bedford, hac vice.Help [1] Fox.Death.
1713 May 19Peterstow. Geo. Benson, M.A.Sir John Williams, bart,Thomas Ross.Death.
1727 May 6Peterstow. John Hoskyns, M.A. James, duke of Chandos. George Benson.Death.
1765 Dec 20Peterstow. William Lucas.Governors of Guy's Hospital.John Hoskyns Abrahall.Death.
1809 Feb 23Peterstow. Charles Maitland Babbington, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.William Lucas.Death.
1841 Dec 17Peterstow. John Nelson, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.Chas. Maitland Babington.Death.
1843 Mar 30Peterstow. John Jebb, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. John Nelson. Death.
1886 Jun 15Peterstow. Geo. Israel Pellew, B.A.Sir John Poynder Dickson, bart., an infant. [2] John Jebb. Death.
1897 Sep 5Peterstow. Robert Harington, M.A.Sir John Poynder Dickson Poynder, bart.George Israel Bellew. Death.
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