Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1407 Oct 22Pixley. John Brace, chaplain.John Amundesham, armiger.John Wele.Death.
1418 Jun 16Pixley (Pykesley). Jerome Orchart.John Somondesham.Philip Boley.Resignation.
1420 Sep 10Pixley. John Wheler, chap.The bishop by lapse.  
1421 Jul 29Pixley chapel. John fitz John atte parsones de Rippesley.John Albruesham.John Wheler.Resignation.
1423 May 16Pixley. John Brase, chapl.John Hamesham.John Rippesley. Resignation.
1427 Aug 21Pixley. Thomas Fawcomberge. [2]John Winesham.  
1489 Apr 23Pixley (Pykkesley). John Clee.The bishop, by lapse.  
1537 Oct 11Pixley. John Sparrye.The king, on account of the minority of Thos. Hackluytt.Richd. Bluett.Death.
1549 Jun 17Pixley. Thomas Yatton.The king.John Sparrye.Death.
1563 Dec 1Pixley. John Pewtress.____ [1] Hacluyt.  
1616 Apr 22Pixley. Henry Douglasse.John Borington, arm.  
1682 Jan 29Pixley. Hugh Lewis, B.A.Thomas Berrington, arm.John Wargeant.Death.
1691 Jan 26Pixley. David Lewis.Thomas Berington, arm.Hugh Lewis.Cession.
1709 Oct 12Pixley. Richard Seymore, B.A.Hugh Lewis and Susan, his wife.David Lewis.Death.
1743 Dec 16Pixley. Robert Symonds,The bishop, by lapse. Last incumbent.Death.
1780 May 16Pixley. William Steele, LL.B.Sir Charles Cocks, of Castle Ditch, bart.Robert Simmonds.Death.
1790 Dec 23Pixley. Congreve Selwyn, B.A.Charles, lord Somers, of Castle Ditch.William Steele.Death.
1808 Nov 3Pixley. Joseph Higgins, B.A. John, lord Somers.Congreve Selwyn. Death.
1848 Apr 28Pixley. William Pulling,John, earl Somers.Joseph Higgins.Death.
1848 Dec 29Pixley. Jas. Henry Maplefort, B.A.John, earl Somers.William Pulling.Resignation.
1850 Jun 3Pixley. William Pulling, M.A.John, earl Somers.James Henry Napleton.Resignation.
1894 Aug 11Pixley. Arthur Hen. Knapp, M.A.Lady Henry Somerset. William Pulling,Death.
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