Pratum Minus

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1396 Oct 18Pratum Minus.PWalter Grote, prebendary in coll. church of S. Cedde, Lichfield dioc.The bishop.John Excetre, prebendary of Pratum Minus.Exchange.
1403 Jun 11Pratum Minus.PJohn Gorewell.The bishop.  
1406 Jul 30Prato Minore.PThomas Shelford, clerk.The bishop.Master John Gorewelle.Resignation.
1409 Mar 19Prato minori.PJohn Selowe, utriusque juris bac.The bishop.Thomas Shelford.Resignation.
1417 Nov 4Prato minori.PWm. Bailly, clerk. The bishop.Nich. Hereford. [3]Entry into a religious life.
1462 Apr 14Prato minori.PMaster John Grenewey.The bishop.Hugh Ragon.Resignation.
1466 Apr 8Prato min.PMaster William Rawlyns, bach.The bishop.John Grenewey.Resignation.
1472 Nov 28Prato min.PMaster Richard Martyn, in dec. bac.The bishop.Thos. Yeone.Death.
1474 Mar 10Prato min.PRoger Griffith, arcium mag.The bishop.Richard Martin.Resignation.
1487 Oct 12Prato minori.PWalter Hylle, warden of college of S. Mary of Winton.The bishop.Master Roger Griffith.Death.
1508 Jul 5Prato Min.PThomas Wolsey. [4]The bishop.Master Reg. West.Resignation. [5]
1509 Feb 7Prato Min.PWilliam Delebere, clerk.The bishop.Roger Brayne.Translation.
1513 Jan 27Prato Min.PWilliam Edwards.The bishop.Thos. Wulcy.Resignation.
1528 Apr 14Pratum minus.PGamaliel Clyfton, legum doc.The bishop.Wm. Edwards.Cession certo modo.
1529 May 16Pratum minus.PHugh Charnock.The bishop.Gamaliel Clyfton. Vacated.
1551 Apr 24Pratum minus.PWilliam Baker, B.C.L.The bishop.Hugh Charnocke.Death.
1560 Sep 6Pratum minus.PMarceline Owtred.The bishop.John Cuthbert.Resignation.
1561 Sep 19Pratum minus.PJohn Culbert.The bishop.   
1562 Jul 27Pratum minus.PRichard Bagge.The bishop.  
1577 Oct 1Pratum minus.PWilliam Griffith.The bishop.   
1616 Nov 29Pratum minus.PHenry Rogers, M.A. The bishop.   
1677 May 24Pratum minus.PThomas Broome, M.A.The bishop.John Pember.Death.
1699 Jun 5Pratum minus.PWilliam Morgan, M.A.The bishop.  
1702 Sep 3Pratum minus.PDaniel Philips, D.D. The bishop.William Morgan. Death.
1721 Nov 16Pratum minus.PThomas Lingen,The king (sede vacants).Daniel Philips, D.D. Death.
1736 Jul 30Pratum minus.PThomas Barnes, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1757 Mar 14Pratum minus.PWilliam Parker, D.D.The bishop.Thomas Barnes.Death.
1760 Sep 4Pratum minus.PRobert Clive, M.A.The bishop.William Parker, D.D.Resignation.
1769 Feb 6Pratum minus.PJames Powell, M.A. The bishop.Robert Clive.Resignation.
1776 Jun 29Pratum minus.PThomas Watkins, M.A.The bishop.James Jones.Resignation.
1782 Jun 8Pratum minus.PJohn Wall, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Watkins.Resignation.
1797 Jun 22Pratum minus.PJas. Roberts, M.A.The bishop.Ralph Cope Hopton.Death.
1834 Nov 27Pratum minus.PRobert Biscoe, M.A. The bishop.John Wall.Death.
1870 Dec 26Pratum minus.PIsaac Gregory Smith, M.A.The bishop.Robert Biscoe. Death.
1887 Dec 7Pratum minus.PWill. Hen. Lambert, M.A.The bishop.Isaac Gregory Smith.Resignation.
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