Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Jul 8Prebend.PEdmund Mortimer.The bishop.Peter de Radnor.Vacated.
1276 Jul 8Prebend.PRichard de Stratford.The bishop.Edmund Mortimer.Vacated.
1276 Oct 14Prebend.PRichard de Stratford.The bishop.Edmund Mortimer.Vacated.
1277 Oct 2Prebend.PAdam de Fileby.The bishop.William, Treasurer of Lausanne.Resigned through his Proctor.
1277 Oct 10Prebend.PAdam de Fileby.The bishop.  
1277 Nov 8Prebend.PPeter de Lacy. Giles de Avenbury.Vacant.
1277 Dec 21Prebend.PRichard de Swinfield.The bishop.Edmund de Mortimer.Resigned.
1277 Jan 4Prebend.PWilliam de St. John.The bishop.Hervey de Borham.Vacated.
1279 Apr 21Prebend.PRichard de Swinfield.The bishop.Martin de Gaye.Death before Michaelmas.
1279 May 4Prebend.PRichard de Swinfield.The bishop.Martin de Gaye.Death.
1280 Feb 11Prebend.PNicholas de Knovile.The bishop.Richard de Stratford.Vacated.
1303 May 17Prebend.PJames de Berkeley, subd.The bishop.William de Kingscote.Vacated.
1329 Oct 24Prebend.PJohn de Ew.The bishop.Thos de Pembridge.Death.
1329 Oct 31Prebend.PJohn de Gerdone.The bishop, after Papal prov.Thos. de Pembridge.Death.
1330 Sep 25Prebend.PThomas Hakeluyt, clerk.Papal provision. James of Henley.Death.
1406 Sep 9Prebend.PJohn Desford, bac. in decretis.The bishop.Master Thos. Chaundos.Death.
1411 Aug 24Prebend.PJohn Bayli, a clerk to the Prince.The bishop.Reginald Wolaston.Death.
1413 Oct 3Prebend.PMaster William Corne, sac. pag. professor.The bishop.John Chitterne.Death.
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