Prebend in Cathedral

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Mar 7Prebend in Cathedral.PRoger Bourd.The bishop.The bishop.Vacated.
1285 Aug 25Prebend in Cathedral.PJohn de Swinfield, subd.The bishop. Nicholas the penitenciary.Vacated.
1288 Dec 8Prebend in Cathedral.PRichard de Hertford, archd.The bishop.William de Alhanico.Vacated.
1293 Mar 21Prebend in Cathedral.PWilliam de Kingscote, official of bishop.The bishop.Richard de Hertford.Vacated.
1300 Aug 22Prebend in Cathedral.PPhilip Talbot, archd of Salop.The bishop.Alan de Crepping.Death.
1301 Apr 10Prebend in Cathedral.PAmedeus fitz-Peter de Marnay.Papal provision.  
1313 Feb 13Prebend in Cathedral.PAdam de Carbonel.The bishop.  
1394 Jun 27Prebend in Cathedral.PThos. Guldesffeld.The bishop.John Mydelton.Death.
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