Prebenda Episcopi

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1320 Dec 21Prebenda Episcopi.PWilliam de Wyke, priest. [4]The bishop.  
1464 Apr 13Episcopi.PThomas Downe, chapl.The bishop.John Baily.Resignation.
1614 Nov 5Prebenda Episcopi.PGeorge Benson, S.T.P.The bishop.   
1678 Apr 16Prebenda Episcopi.PPhilip Lewis, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Good, D.D.Death.
1684 Aug 9Prebenda Episcopi.PThomas Rogers, M. A.The bishop.Philip Lewis.Death.
1710 Feb 3Prebenda Episcopi.PRichd. Smallbroke, D.D.The archbishop of Canterbury, pro hac vice (by grant of the bishop).Thomas Rogers, D.D. Death.
1724 Feb 17Prebenda Episcopi.PRobert Breton, M.A. The king, sede vacante.Rd. Smalbroke, D.D.Preferment to bishopric of St. David's.
1769 Jan 6Prebenda Episcopi.PJohn Woodcock, M.A.The bishop.Robert Breton.Death.
1781 Oct 26Prebenda Episcopi.PHugh Price, M.A.The bishop.John Woodcock, D.D.Death.
1782 Jun 6Prebenda Episcopi.PCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Price.Death.
1789 May 8Prebenda Episcopi.PJohn Napleton, D.D. The bishop.Charles Morgan.Death.
1818 Feb 24Prebenda Episcopi.PAndrew Bell, LL.B. The bishop.John Napleton, D.D.Death.
1819 Apr 28Prebenda Episcopi.PHenry Chas. Hobart, M.AThe bishop.Andrew Bell, LL.B.Resignation.
1844 Feb 1Prebenda Episcopi.PWilliam Peete Musgrave, M.A.The bishop.Henry Charles Hobart.Death.
1892 May 20Prebenda Episcopi.PFrederick Mackenzie Williams, B.A.The bishop.William Peete Musgrave.Death.
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